Things to Avoid When Taking Photos of Newborn Babies

5 Things to Avoid When Taking Photos of Newborn Babies


Things to Avoid When Taking Photos of Newborn Babies

Newborn photography is something that excites many parents. Photos of babies are beautiful mementoes, and they can also make great gifts for when these children are older. However, it can be challenging to pull off these types of photos. Here are some mistakes people make when photographing newborn babies and how to remedy them.

5 Things to Avoid When Taking Photos of Newborn Babies

Mistake #1 – They shoot in poor lighting

One of the common errors that beginners make is that they shoot without regard for exposure and lighting. Since cameras record differences in light, illuminating a subject is the quickest way to improve picture quality.

Photo editing software can do many things; they can crop photos, modify the background, and even remove red-eye in subjects. However, no software can solve lousy lighting. Although there are tools that can adjust lighting, a post-processed photo will still look subpar to one taken in good light.

Mistake #2 – They want to capture a ‘perfect’ photo

Like anything that has to do with young children, it is a lot of work trying to photograph babies. Newborns, especially, will not hold a pose unless when asleep. Even then, they might shift around. If you are aiming for Anne Geddes-level pictures, know that there is a lot of planning involved.

The best photos are taken when the little ones are not posed awkwardly. They are just sitting, sleeping, or playing as they would, and the photographer only captures them as they are. Let your child go about his or her business, and snap the photos without overthinking.

Mistake #3 – They are not always ready to shoot

Seasoned newborn photographers are always ready with backup cameras, batteries, and memory cards. It will be a letdown if you miss important moments like your baby smiling, laughing, or seeing something for the first time.

Experience is the only way to learn how to avoid the special moments, which is why the better photographers out there can charge quite a bit more for their work, while cheaper photographers may not have as much experience and/or equipment under their belt.

Mistake #4 – They rely on DIY too much

Though it is perfectly fine if you want to document your child’s everyday life, there are moments when hiring a professional is the better choice. For example, if you are sending birth announcements, a professional photo that your loved ones can frame is the best option.

Birthday or holiday cards are also better if professionally shot. In the end, you will be the one to compile all of these in albums, so you should get something classic which you can look back on fondly.

Mistake #5 – They do not make backups

Backing up your data is essential for work and school documents, but you should extend that to your photos as well. Losing your photos is definitely one of those things to avoid when taking phtoos of newborn babies! These photos show memories that you cannot otherwise retrieve. If you lose your only images of an event, these are gone forever. You can revisit the place and retake those photos, but the memories you will have are different from the original.



Taking photos of a little bundle of joy is a way for a couple to capture a brand-new stage in their life together. Thinking of these things to avoid when taking photos of newborn babies will make sure you’ll have a stack of images your client can display for years to come.

Capturing a baby’s first moments is priceless, and SvenStudios can help you with that. We work out of Adelaide and specialise in newborn photography, and we have been accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography while also being a registered teacher! Get in touch with us today to learn more.



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