Registry Office Wedding

Registry Office Wedding – Jacqui & Matt

I was asked to be Jacqui and Matt’s wedding photographer for their wedding being held at the Adelaide Registry Office on rather short notice as their previously organised photographer had unfortunately fallen through on them! Once I heard that story I felt really bad for them as their wedding was only a week away so I wanted to help out and stepped in 🙂

Registry Office Wedding Ceremony

I hadn’t been to the Adelaide registry office since they had completed the renovations of the foyer and new chapel where Jacqui and matt were wed, so it was interesting to see what they did with the place! Certainly seemed like they took out a lot of lights! They’ve also made the decor a little more austere, perhaps to make the room seem bigger.

Matt was showing his nerves before Jacqui made her way up, but it made the ceremony all the more sweeter as it really showed they were certainly in love with one another! Jacqui opted for a bigger, poofy dress to hide the fact that she was quite a way along in her pregnancy, and I think it did the trick very well!

Glamour Photos

Matt had a surprise in store for Jacqui directly after their ceremony, as right outside the registry office, where Jacqui was expecting an uber, was a full blown horse and cart! So they enjoyed a romantic carriage ride throughout the city before heading to the cobbled streets of the old Adelaide markets and the fountain in the East Terrace parklands for photos.

Hotel Richmond Wedding Reception

The Hotel Richmond on Rundle Mall was their choice for reception party, and the family and friends chosen for their night were keen to see Jacqui and Matt happy, as were they to see them! The atmosphere was of a tight knit group and they were all obviously very happy to be there 🙂

Thanks for Jacqui and Matt for having me on your big day and I hope you enjoy your photos! 😀

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