new USB wedding box

New Wedding USB Box Set

Hot on the trail of my new wedding album design I posted about a few days ago, I’m now announcing the new wedding USB box set you will receive if you commission SvenStudios as your wedding photographer using our affordable full day package.

Previously I had been using a lovely leather bound box containing a leather bound DVD case for the purpose these new wedding USB boxes will be used for. The problem with DVDs these days are that they are fast becoming obsolete with many new computers now a days ditching traditional optical drives for media such as DVDs in favour of the more portable and far higher capacity USB thumb drives.

New Wedding USB Box sets

These new wedding USB boxes feature a lovely flat crafted outer black box lined with fabric, with a folder holding a card shaped USB drive inside. The folder is adorned with a black ribbon and is lined inside with white matting complete with an image from your wedding printed to compliment the USB drive. The USB drives can possibly be used after your wedding to store further photos not taken by SvenStudios so as to keep all your precious memories in one place as the capacity of the USB keys range between 8gb and 16gb, which makes their capacity at least 2x that of a DVD. You’ll also be able to view your photos more efficiently as there’s no need for the DVD to spin and seek the photo you’re loading, allowing for a faster loading time.

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