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PeeWees at the Point Wedding – Darwin – Kathryn & Mark

Kathryn and Mark’s Darwin PeeWees at the Point Wedding in Darwin was an absolute treat to cover. I was flown up to the Northern Territory and treated to an amazing 2 weeks of stunning weather perfectly suited to taking wedding sunset shots. Usually to get that sort of service from the sun you’d have to have to travel across the world, people spend tens of thousands to have a wedding in Hawaii for this one scene. I cannot stress how amazing the weather was on the day. Kathryn and Mark’s Darwin wedding was the first destination wedding I’ve and I very much hope there will be more! Apparently I was cheaper to fly me up and accommodate me, along with my usual wedding rates than hire a local wedding photographer in Darwin, which is great as I’d love to head back up there!


Mark and his groomsmen were all prepared at a rental house in Coconut Grove, just north of the city. The atmosphere was laidback and fun to be a part of. All involved had known each other since high school. The camaraderie and mateship on display made this obvious.

After an hour or so, I headed out to where Kathryn and her bridal party were getting prepared; an apartment in the Darwin CBD. Nerves were high as unfortunately a few small things were going wrong for them as they were getting prepared. From a local makeup shop being flooded to a rather unfortunate fire alarm going off and requiring us to evacuate the building while putting on makeup! It all made for an interesting time, but fortunately the girls were all keen to see it all through with a smile!

PeeWees at the Point wedding ceremony

Kathryn and Mark’s Darwin wedding took place at the picturesque Pee Wee’s at the point function center. The location boasts a large grassy area overlooking the bay where their wedding ceremony took place, while it also played host to the reception later in the night. If a plan B is needed due to bad weather, Pee Wee’s also has a large dining area. The Location is surrounded by lush parklands and nature reserve, so the entire setting is wonderfully private and intimate.

Glamour photos

As I said earlier, the weather on Kathryn and Mark’s wedding day was phenomenal, and with the amazing Darwin sun beating down on us, it made for an amazing opportunity to make use of it’s wonderful golden glow. We first head down to an area sandwiched between the George Brown Darwin botanic park and the Garden’s Park golf links to use some wonderfully gnarly trees. Then headed back up to Fannie Bay to make sue of the sunsetting over the bay. If we were shooting a similar scene in a place like Hawaii you’d have to compete with dozens of other newlyweds and their photographer trying to get the same shot. In Darwin, the scene is next to deserted, was amazing.

PeeWees at the Point wedding reception

As darkness was approaching we head back up to Pee Wee’s for the reception. Despite it being in the middle of winter, the night was still and warm, perfect for a reception that took place on the open grass. The whole setting was beautiful.

The entire night was a joy to e a part of, and I’d very might like to thank Mark and Kathryn for having me shoot their Darwin wedding, despite being an Adelaide-based wedding photographer. If there are any other Darwinites out there looking for a photographer up there though, I’d jump at the opportunity! 😉

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