As part of the birthday celebrations for Marina, her and her sister took advantage of my usually couple shoot rate in order to have be take a few sisterly photos together around the Adelaide Himeji Gardens. The Gardens are a stunning locations for any kind of photo shoot, so the entire morning was incredibly fruitful in producing some memorable photo for them.

Himeji Gardens Birthday shoot

Meeting shortly after the gardens opened at around 8am, so as to avoid any other people being in the background, the three of us walked around the gardens taking photos when I felt it would look nice. The personality of the girls made it very easy as they were always laughing, and showing signs of sisterly love in each scene we set up for. The weather was fantastic also, with the sun only just rising in the East so I was able to capture quite a few shots with a wonderful sunflare backdrop.

After a short while in the Himeji Gardens, we head over to the nearby playground and park that boasts a magnificent tree and swings that we made use of for a few photos together.

The entire day was a joy to shoot and I feel as though the entire outing was a lot of fun and produced some wonderful photos of the two sisters together that they can cherish forever 🙂 I’d like to thank the two sisters for having me take a few photographs of them and hope they love their photos! 😀

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