It had been a while since I covered a wedding at the picturesque SC Pannell winery, so when Anna and Josh asked me to be their wedding photographer, I was quite excited! The day turned out to be a wonderful day, complete with a stunning sun set showering golden light right across the SC Pannell vineyards to top off such a wonderful day.


The day started with Josh and his boys. Both myself and my wife as my second photographer attended the boy’s place of preparation and were quite surprised at the boy’s eagerness to get into their suits! Everyone except Josh had already been dressed in their finery before sitting down for their lunch! Such was the excitement in the house, there was a real buzz of joy in the place.

After greeting the boys, I left them for the girls who were being prepared around the corner from SC Pannell, in a bed and breakfast in Port Willunga. Unlike the boys, the girls weren’t as fussed with getting dressed too quickly, and the atmosphere was much more laid back, enjoying a few sips of wine and playing with the flower girl who was running about the place enjoying the attention. I had a bit more time with the girls, so after having some photos taken inside, having makeup put on and putting on dresses, we went for a little walk down the road to use the wonderful natural light gleaming in over the sea.

SC Pannell Winery Wedding Ceremony

The SC Pannell Winery is located joust out of Mclaren Vale in a prime position to benefit from rolling hills covered in vineyards in all directions and is a wonderful spot to make use of a sunset. The winery itself I heard were actually not taking any more wedding booking after Anna and Josh’s, due to undergoing renovations on their function room. So I’d love to hear any news about this if anyone out there knows?

SC Pannell Winery was established as a wedding venue in 2014 when their new base of operations were relocated to Olivers road in Mclaren Vale. The winery boasts a large grassy area to hold a wedding ceremony with vineyards at it’s back, and a large function room that can be opened to the elements if the weather permits for receptions.