There’s something about a wedding taking place in Autumn that simply makes a beautifully magical day when it all goes to plan, which was exactly what Kylie and Matt’s St Francis Winery Wedding turned out to be! I was chosen as their wedding photographer for 3 hours, having me cover their wedding ceremony through to the beginning of their reception, all on location at the St Francis Winery. I was then there to man my photo booth which was set up on site for guests to have fun taking photos of themselves all night.

Before the wedding

As I usually aim to do, I arrived early so I was able to walk about taking some shots of the personal additions Kylie and Matt made to the St Francis Winery’s reception room, along with guests who were steadily arriving.

St Francis Winery Wedding Ceremony

It was a wonderfully sunny Autumn day, so Kylie and Matt’s ceremony was set up a little closer to the St Francis Winery pond, as opposed to closer to the reception room so as to make use of the shade made by the trees lining the grassy area. As the ceremony took place at a little later time, the sun was falling below the horizon quite quickly, so the rays of sun were becoming quite intense. During the ceremony, Kylie and Matt opted to participate in a sand ceremony, symbolising the coming together of the two families and including their children. It’s always a wonderful gesture to involve children at a wedding ceremony and the sand ceremony is a popular way to do this.

St Francis Winery Glamour Photos

Directly after the wedding ceremony, I took out my drone to take a few photos of the entire congregation on the St Francis Winery’s grounds. Then after the usual family photos, we walked about the grounds and made use of the beautiful Weeping Willow trees lining the small pond. With the sun lowering quickly, the sun’s rays filtered through the tree’s leaves made for an incredible backdrop to their wedding photos.

Thanks so much to Kylie and Matt for having me as their wedding photographer, and also hiring out my photo booth. I hope they enjoy their wedding photos as much as I enjoyed creating them! 😀

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