Following along from my recent announcement in accepting cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as payment, I can now announce I can now accept credit card payment as an alternative to direct debit. I pride myself as an innovative, modern and easy to use wedding photography service, so accepting credit card payment just makes it that much easier.

I can now accept any of the major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express with no additional fees to you – I will absorb any fees as a cost of doing business. This means that you can now accumulate those precious credit card loyalty points for paying for your wedding! 😀

Accepted Credit Cards & Payment Methods

It’s a rare occurrence that people would ask me if I accepted credit cards as payment, however as  I’m well aware, when paying for all the separate suppliers at a wedding, the costs add up pretty quickly, I figured it’d help my clients if they were to be able to put my invoice on credit. I just want to make the whole experience as simple and as stress free as possible.

There are however plenty of scams that in particular target professional photographers such as myself when it comes to paying by credit cards. Therefore it will be a policy of mine to only accept payment via credit card from clients I have met in person and verified ownership of the card.

The payment system I have set up to be used is the Square system, a system developed for small businesses such as SvenStudios that has a following around the world. The Point of Sale system allows for paywave, swipe and over-the-phone transactions in order to maximise it’s convenience.

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