In the nature of striving to become the most innovative of wedding photography services, I am pleased to announce that SvenStudios will be accepting payment in the form of Cryptocurrencies if you so desire to pay using this new form of currency.

If you’ve never heard of cryptocurrencies, then this news would have no effect on you whatsoever – and you can stop reading now :). If you were curious as to what this is all about though, in a nutshell cryptocurrencies have been around since 2009 as a form of decentralised online digital currency backed by raw computing power rather than a gold or debt standard as most world currencies are based on. The driving force behind this new approach to money are people, rather than banks and hedge funds, which is why it’s so exciting.

As an avid advocate in leading the field with innovative and ‘different’ ways to capture weddings as a wedding photographer – through the use of drones and 360 virtual reality, allowing payment through cryptocurrency is the logical next step in providing customers with the very latest and greatest in what technology has to offer. As millennials, being tech-savvy and early adopters of tech become of age to be married it makes perfect business sense to allow this kind of transaction as a growing number of couples will have at least some of their savings invested into this kind of new currency. So I highly encourage any other business owners out there to also consider accepting cryptocurrency payment.

Cryptocurrencies accepted as payment

SvenStudios would be pleased to accept payment for services in the form of bitcoin or litecoin, using the deposit addresses found below.

  • Bitcoin


  • Litecoin


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