Odorgraphy – A new way to experience your wedding photography

I’m super pleased to announce – exclusive to SvenStudios – a new paradigm in wedding photography immersion! Odorgraphy is a patented approach to recording your photography on your wedding day while also, simultaneously recording the smell of the moment! This means you’re able to relive that moment the photograph was taken while also experiencing the most intense sensation from your sense of smell!

Experts agree that when combining your sense of smell with a visual stimuli, the memory of that moment is enhanced several fold, allowing you to relive your day in the most remarkable way! When combined with the SvenStudios guest360 virtual reality service, you’re able to relive your day using all 5 of your senses – aside from touch. The sense of smell is possibly the most underused of senses when used to record and relive an event such as a wedding, so we felt it was high time that trend was reversed. Having the odor of your day wafting from the pages of your wedding album, or from framed prints on your walls will transport you back to the time the photograph was taken and bring a flood of memories back to brighten your day!

At SvenStudios we pride ourselves in our ability to transport you back to the most important moments in your lives through our imagery, and with the development of odorgraphy, this is just another step to better fulfill that goal. In the past we have developed wedding satellite imagery, and wedding x-ray photography, and when combined with our drone and virtual reality services, you’d be hard pressed in finding another wedding photographer that is this dedicated in bringing technology to your wedding day with the sole goal of allowing you to relive your day in the most incredible way!

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