Wedding photography is probably one of the most widespread photography disciplines. Everyone wants their special day to be captured just right. This type of photography also has a lot of commercial potential, and that’s why so many people do it.

However, it does come with its challenges. First, it can be difficult to land your first gig because every couple wants someone experienced to photograph them at their wedding. You need a wide range of gear to capture everything because wedding photography involves a lot of different settings and styles.

It can also be challenging because they are always a lot of people moving around, the trends change often, and you need to work with people to set everything up properly. Here are some useful wedding photography tips that will help you overcome these challenges.

Essential wedding photography tips

First, we’ll look at this topic from the lens of a professional photographer.

1.     Capturing the preparations

A photographer not only needs to capture the wedding itself, but they also have to capture the couple getting ready. There are many memorable and heartwarming moments you can capture before the actual wedding. You can capture the mood, the people, and all the magic surrounding the upcoming day.

2.    Good choice of clothing

A photographer needs to consult the couple on what they will be wearing. Naturally, as the bride and groom, you will have certain expectations, and you will want the photographer to capture your wedding in a specific way. When you tell the photographer your wishes, you should also tell them what you will be wearing so that they can prepare properly and take great photos.

3.    Transportation shots

One of the most important segments of a wedding is when the couple first appears from their limousine. You need to make all the necessary arrangements so that the photographer is at the right spot at the right time. Additionally, make sure that there isn’t anything or anyone blocking the shot so that the photographer can capture the moment when the two of you come out of the car.

4.    Logistics

Some venues will require your photographer to hold a photography permit. Additionally, some locations require the couple to get a permit as well, because it’s their event. This is especially important if you will be shooting outside somewhere in public, and chances are you will. Usually a photographer’s contract will stipulate that obtaining any photography permit is the responsibility of the couple involved.

5.    Find a good view

Discuss the seating with your photographer because their position is very important. They need to be sitting somewhere where they will have a clear view of the happy couple and the whole hall, preferably next to a wall. However, you should also make sure that the serving staff is not buzzing in front of the photographer constantly. The same rule applies to any passing guests.

6.    Don’t forget the bouquet

The bouquet toss is a crucial part of every wedding. It involves a lot of people, laughter, and joy. A lot of brides like to pull pranks and fake throws, and if you plan on doing this, the photographer needs to know.

The bride should talk to him about this, and if she’s planning on faking the bouquet toss, she should tell the photographer on which attempt she will make the throw so that he is prepared.

Tips for choosing a good wedding photographer

1.     Know what kind of style you want

One of the essential wedding photography tips for couples is to narrow down photographers based on the style you want. Every photographer has their own style, and you need to find the one that captures photos the way you imagined them. Are you looking for someone who has a documentary style, or would you like your wedding photos to have a causal flow?

2.    Get to know them

Getting to know the photographer will help you make the right decision. After all, the photographer is also going to be a part of your wedding, and you don’t want someone who annoys you there on your special day.

Talk to the photographers on your list and see what they are like. If you are getting along with your photographer and have good communication, you will be able to help them understand what kind of photos you want.

3.    Ask for real wedding photos

When you look through a photographer’s website or social media, every photo is perfect. Don’t let this fool you because these images are hand-picked from hundreds of photos. Ask to see some of their latest work and go through their whole album.

By doing this, you will learn how consistent their work is and whether they know what they are doing.

4.    Make sure they have backup equipment

One of the most important wedding photography tips is to ask the photographer if they bring backup equipment with them. This is a MUST, so don’t choose someone who doesn’t have backup gear. If something happens to their camera or battery, they need to be prepared to continue their work.

5.    Ask them if they have insurance

In the end, ask all the photographers if they have insurance. Weddings are crowded events with a lot of people dancing, moving around, and drinking alcohol. A lot of accidents can happen during a wedding. In all of the commotion, the photographer’s equipment could get damaged, and the insurance will cover all the costs.


Wedding days are special one-time events, and this is why it’s important for both photographers and the happy couple to come prepared. If you have to arrange for a photographer to visit the venue in advance so that he can find the best angles and lighting, remember that you need to retouch your images to make them special.

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