Baby Max - Newborn Shoot 1

Baby Max – Newborn Shoot

Baby Max’s Newborn Shoot

I got to meet little baby Max the other day and take this little cutie’s photos! Max’s parents are friends with baby Hadley‘s family so it was lovely to hear that they had found me through a friend’s recommendation! It’s always nice to hear that as you know you’re doing something right! 😀

At the beginning little Max wasn’t so sure about having his photos taken, he was a little reluctant to be away from Mum and Dad for too long so we ended up taking saome time to ease our way into it. We started out with some simple shots laying down on a big fluffy blanket while he got used to being around the big flashing lights 🙂

Once he got used the whole idea of having his newborn photos taken, and once he had a nice piddle we were able to graduate to some cute shots in some of the baskets I had available.

Baby Max got to be a little bit sleepy towards the end of our shoot, so while walking about the nearby park for family photos, he had a little nap which was great for some intimate family shots amongst the trees.


it was super lovely to meet baby max and I hope his parents love his photos! 😀

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