Amani’s First Birthday Photoshoot

Amani’s First Birthday Photoshoot

I was lucky enough to head out to the local Pimpala Conservation Reserve, just behind the Woodcroft Shopping center to meet little Amani and his family for his first firthday photoshoot!

We opted to head out later in the afternoon so that the sun was lower in the sky and we were able to make the most of the amazing light that filters through the trees at this time of day!

Amani was a very well behaved little boy, and together with his enthiusiactic family, we managed to not only take some lovely shots of him by himself, but also group photos and even individual portraits of everyone there.

It was a lovely afternoon for this fun little first birthday photoshoot and I hope they enjoy their delightful family photography!

Hadley’s First birthday shoot


Hadley’s First birthday shoot

I got to meet up with little Hadley for her first birthday shoot after having shot her newborn photos a year ago! She’s all grown up and as cute as ever!

Even though the weather wasn’t fantastic early in the morning, Hadley and her Mum and Dad were still keen to head out to a small forrested area nearby my house for some family photos in amongst the beautiful greenery that’s about at this time of year.

I was keen on heading back here after bringing my own little one out for a walk this way to make use of the nifty reflective duck pond, the wonderfully thick gum trees and swatches of clover and thin grass that makes for a lovely backdrop for family shots like these!

It’s sometimes hard to get people out on days like this one to take photos as generally little knees get muddy and everyone gets home wet, but the fact is that this kind of weather really brings out some lively, and intimate colour tones which suit timeless family photogrpahy like this!

Now Baby Hadley and her Mum and Dad will have a proper heirloom of amazing photos of this special moment in time! 🙂

Baby April’s Fathers Day Shoot

Baby April

It was a beautifully sunny, and unseasonably warm day the day after fathers day this year, so what better way to enjoy the sunshine than head out for a fathers day shoot? I got to meet baby April, who was five months old and she had given her daddy a bit of a photo shoot for fathers day! Of course it was all Mum’s doing, but that’s not how we are remembering it 🙂

The original plan was to head out to the nearby pond and reserve area nearby my house at 7am, to catch the magical rays of the early morning, similar to what we did with another recent baby shoot I did there. However, the shoot took place considerably later which meant that the sun’s rays were a little bit stronger, causing the photos to become quite a bit brighter than I had planned. however I think they reflected the lovely sunny personality of little Baby April! She was such a good smiley bub!

Baby April’s Fathers Day Shoot

As it is the beginning of spring, we got to make use of some of the lovely wild flowers poppng up around the place, while the grass is still super green from the winter. All this combined with the strong sun made for some lovely airy portraits of baby April and her little family.

As I knew this was a fathers day shoot, I was keen to start off with a bit of a father daughter portrait, and I feel as though that worked out very well, very quickly! Usually the best shots of a shoot happen towards the end as everyone is more comnfortable in front of a camera, but they killed it straight up!

baby April had a number of different outfits to change into during the shoot, so while walking about the pond, we had a bit of fun chaging outfits and shooting some cute family shots.

In the studio

After out little walk, we finished up within my little home studio for some neat studio shoots. Thankfully April found my face to be absolutely hilarious so I diddnt have to work too hard to make her show her huge grin! Made for a lovely ending to what turned out to be a beautifully successful fathers day shoot!

Thanks so much to little baby April and her parents for coming in for a fathers day shoot! Was a lot of fun and I hope you treat your photos as beautiful reminders of your little family as it is right now! 🙂

Baby Ellie & Ava’s Family Shoot


Baby Ellie & Ava’s Family shoot

I was excited to meet little baby Ellie and her big sister Ava at their family’s little photoshoot they had a few weeks ago! It’s always lovely to see families are eagre to capture this moment in their lives for future reminicing. It’s also a great parenting tool for little ones as they grow up!

We began with a short walk in the nearby park to make use of the lovely light that was filtering in through the trees for some cute family shots! After a bit of bribery of Ava with some bikkies, she was co-erced to be a part of some of the photos we tried to get, while their parents also managed to get into some of them too!

We tried not to stay out in the open for too long, as little baby Ellie was getting a little chilly so we head back up the road to my little newborn photography studio setup.

While back home we used the studio lighting for some newborn shots of baby Ellie and her parents. She was very well behaved!

Was a lot of fun meeting these two little ones and their family for their shoot!

4 Things Parents Must Know about Newborn Photography


What do you know about newborn photography?

Welcoming a baby into the family is an amazing and touching experience. As parents, you may find yourself just staring at your little bundle of joy, holding their small fists, and caressing their tiny, rosy feet. After all, it’s a magical moment that you’ve waited for so many months for!

As your tiny human grows each day, they start to do things they never did before, melting your heart with their little smiles and occasional silly faces. That said, it’s a wonderful idea to work with professional newborn photographers to capture these milestones and precious memories!  They have the skills, experience, and techniques to take photographs of your child that you’ll surely treasure forever.

4 Things you should know about newborn photography

If you’re about to have a photo session for your three-month-old baby, however, there are things you should know to ensure that the shoot goes smoothly—and that you get great pictures in the end!

  1. The Poses will Depend on Your Child’s Capability

At 12 weeks, your baby can already kick their legs about, but they’re still not strong enough to push themselves up. Considering this, please know that we can use as many bean bags or blankets as we have to support them, but we are still limited by what your child can do. After all, we want to make sure that they are comfortable and safe throughout the shoot.

Having photographs of your child carrying their own body weight completely may still be impossible at this point. However, there are other shots we can explore, such as baby on tummy and baby on back shots!

  1. We Need Your Help to Make Them Smile

Capturing your baby’s smile is always the highlight of any photography session. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to achieve this, as they usually hold their smiles for less than a second.

We will have you come as close as an arms’ length for your child to recognize you. Babies around this age often smile and laugh at hearing their parents’ voice or seeing their faces, so your presence can help us get that precious shot!

  1. The Fewer Changes, the Better

We don’t want to tire your baby out throughout the session, so it’s best to limit the poses or setups to a small number. They can get easily exhausted after being moved around so much. Considering this, we’ll take into considering your child’s capabilities and mood during the actual shoot and make the necessary adjustments.

Moreover, we also suggest limiting passing the baby around for family photos. Instead, we can arrange for you more intimate cuddling poses—just the parents nestling the baby in their arms or lap. In this way, your baby can relax, and we can capture these special moments without a hitch!

  1. Don’t Forget the Milk

While we will do our best to finish the photoshoot as quickly as possible, the whole process will still take time, especially if you have a few more setups you want to achieve. That said, it’s best to keep your baby happy and satisfied by keeping them well fed. Take advantage of the break time to feed them so that they can continue flashing those adorable expressions once the shoot resumes.

Three months is an exciting age, as this is when they start moving around and amazing you with their capabilities. Sadly, they won’t stay this small and adorable for long, so you have to make every moment count!

This is where a professional photography session is very helpful. It helps you capture these milestones and, ultimately, immortalise the experience of being able to hold your tiny human in your arms. Hopefully this short list of things parents must know about newborn photography gives you a little insight on what the whole process is like.

If you’re looking for a professional newborn photographer in Adelaide to capture your baby’s beautiful moments, get in touch with us at SvenStudios! We conduct our sessions where you feel most comfortable. On top of this, we draw on our many years of experience in working with children to produce incredible photographs that you and your family will cherish forevermore.