Mt Compass Engagement Shoot – Claire & Aaron

Mt Compass Engagement Shoot

I had an absolute blast shooting Claire and Aaron’s Mt Compass engagement shoot! I mean take a look at all that golden light that was filtering in through the stunning Australian bushland!

Claire and Aaron are lucky enough to have a friend who owns a farm in Mt Compass – just south of Adelaide that features stunning rolling hills, ponds, rugged bush and some incredible trees. They even made it easy on me and decided to head out for their engagement shoot during golden hour which really made things pretty darn awsome! Turned out to be a stunning shoot!

We began at the top of a hill, which had some huge, gnarly gum trees which we stood under for a few shots to warm up, then walked down the other side to find a stunning little pond enveloped with lush gum trees. There was no wind so the water was still and made for some lovely reflections.

We then head back up the hill and made use of the dying light of the sun filtering in throguh the foliage – which was really beatiful! The hill also overlooked the lovely folling hills that make up the majority of Onkaparinga.

To finish up I broke up one of my last smoke bombs to create a little bit of atmosphere with the sun light filtering in through the smoke.

I had a blast! Looking forward to Claire and Aaron’s wedding at Serafino’s Winery early January now! 😀

Thanks so much Claire and Aaron for having me shoot your Mt COmpass Engagement shoot! Was amazing!

3 Proposal Photography Tips to Capture the Moment


Proposal Photography Tips

Photos are all about capturing perfect moments. They freeze time in place for you to recollect on the past, conjuring memories and emotions that you can look back on. Whether of your firstborn child or you graduating from school, these pictures are often priceless.

Because these photos are so valuable, you would want to ensure that they are the best they can be, especially for important milestones, like a marriage proposal. If you need help to capture the perfect surprise proposal photo, here are some proposal phtoography tips to keep in mind.

3 Proposal Photography Tips to Capture the Moment

  1. Plan the entire proposal

Planning is key to success. While you can get away with doing everything last minute, you can get the best results if you take the time to plan. Go over as many aspects of the proposal as possible. This includes getting the ring, finding the right location for the proposal, and thinking of what you want to say when you finally do it. If you want the picture to be professional and high-quality, consider planning to hire a professional photographer as well.

Time it! Find a spot that’s memoriable and at the right time of day too! A cliff face might seem awesome, but your photos won’t look nearly as good in the middle of the day as they would during the golden hour. Your partner would appreciate the timing as more romantic too.

  1. Find a professional photographer

Speaking of professional photographers, you should try to find a photographer that is knowledgeable of the area, allowing them to position themselves strategically and snap stunning photos. Don’t be afraid to have your favourite photographer travel to your favourite spot too! Every phtoographer’s style is different, so if you love one’s specific work, hire them! Even if they live on the other side of the world!

Of course this wouldnt be cheap, but photographers are always keen on shooting destination weddings or engagements!

Once you find a photographer, be sure to share your plans. This can include the location where you are going to propose, the time you are going to show up, and the signals you will give them to show that you are “ready” to propose. This can help the photographer prepare themselves for the picture-perfect moment.

  1. Identify the location for the proposal

As far as proposal photography tips are concerned, selecting a perfect location is a vital aspect of your plan for many reasons. First, different locations will have different aesthetics, meaning your pictures will look different in different areas. Second, it will affect how “secret” a photographer can be.

For instance, if you are planning to propose in a busy area, your photographer will be able to easily blend in. On the other hand, if you want to propose somewhere else more peaceful, such as a park, the photographer will have to work a little harder to stay discreet. I like to hide in tees 🙂

Proposals can be an exciting but nerve-wracking moment in your life. Its success will hinge on not only your partner’s response but also how good your photographer is. With that said, try to stick to your plans as much as possible, but do not be afraid to wing it if needed.

If you are working with an experienced photographer, they will always be at the ready to capture the beautiful moment. Whether you get down on your knees and fully recite what you want to say or stumble around clumsily due to your nerves, a professional photographer will ensure that they capture the most beautiful moments on camera. They will freeze this momentous moment in time so that you and your loved one can cherish the experience and memory forever.

Sven Studios offers professional wedding photography solutions, videography, and more to help you immortalise unforgettable moments. If you are looking for engagement photographers to capture your surprise proposal, and give you more proposal photography tips, work with us today!


South Terrace Engagement – Molly & Ian

Molly and Ian had booked me for their South Terrace Engagement shoot a while back, but were thwarted by bad weather for a couple of weeks before we finally met up. The day we did meet up wasn’t really much better, with the temperature on the chilly side, and the heavens continually threatening to open up on us. That being the case however, Molly and Ian’s demeanor was fun and bubbly all throughout their shoot which made it a whole lot of fun!

After meeting in front of  Himeji Gardens where we spent around 30 minutes taking photos within the gardens, we head over to Veal gardens just up the road where we walked a lap of the area.

Here’s a small preview of some of their photos taken on the day, and I’m looking forward to their wedding even more now at the St Francis Winery next September!

South Terrace Engagement Shoot

South Terrace Engagement – Chloe & Alex

It was a lovely sunny afternoon when Chloe, Alex and I headed out to South Terrace for a little engagement shoot before their wedding in July. I really wanted to make use of the wonderful winter sun shining through some foliage, so I suggested heading to South Terrace to make use of the stunning Himeji gardens, and Veal gardens. Chloe and Alex also wanted to head to a beach for some sunset shots, so towards the end of the engagement shoot we headed down to Brighton beach.

I offer my wedding couples the option of having an engagement shoot before their wedding day for a few different reasons. In Chloe and Alex’s case they wanted some nice photos to use on their thank you cards directly after their wedding so they didn’t have to wait too long before they were sent out. But other reasons would be to use on your ‘save the date’ cards or your invitations, they could also even be used on your wedding’s website if you choose to have one made. They also look fantastic printed and put on display at your wedding reception.

South Terrace Engagement shoot

Himeji Gardens

We started out at the picturesque Himeji Gardens, and despite the chilly weather, the gardens were quite busy so we had to be careful on which direction we were shooting. The beautiful foliage in the gardens combined with the setting sun made for some wonderful scenery.

Veal Gardens

Just down the road, on South Terrace is Veal gardens, a popular wedding venue close to the city that boasts a lovely meandering man-made stream and small ponds, dotted along the walking path. The well manicured gardens always provides for a lovely backdrop for a photoshoot!

Brighton Beach

As the sun was setting at an alarming rate, we jetted off to Brighton beach where Alex and Chloe staged a bit of an engagement scene. It was quite entertaining as many passing onlookers congratulated them thinking he had just proposed, despite them already being engaged 🙂

The entire shoot was over in around 90 minutes and was a tonne of fun! I’m looking forward to their wedding even more now!

3 Reasons to Have an Engagement Photoshoot


Why have an Engagement Photoshoot?

Hiring a professional photographer is essential to modern weddings. It’s an art that captures special moments – from the blushing bride’s walk down the aisle, the bittersweet dance between father and daughter, to everything in between. One aspect of a couple’s relationship that is overlooked on a wedding day however is the pure, unfiltered love that you show to one another outside of such a formal occasion – which is where an engagement photoshoot steps in.

Wedding photography is a widely common practice, but having an engagement photoshoot is steadily gaining the spotlight as it offers a sneak peek into the couple’s love story leading up to the big day. Couples shoots can be a lot of fun too!

It’s easy to think that an engagement photoshoot only adds to your expenses, and isnt really needed, but the list below explores the reasons every couple should say “I do” to it.

3 Reasons to Have an Engagement Photoshoot

Benefit #1: Establish Trust and Familiarity

You may have hired a photographer that matches your style, but there’s nothing more effective than putting your chemistry together to the test. An engagement photoshoot can reduce your jitters and make you feel more comfortable in front of the lens, allowing both parties to understand each other’s best and worst angles and what each other would be comfortable with.

It helps reveal any instances that make the bride or groom uncomfortable, allowing the photographer to ensure you can smile confidently and capture it easily on your wedding day. Not to mention, feeling relaxed can go a long way in creating natural-looking shots that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Benefit #2: Provides an Opportunity to Do a Make-Up Trial

Your dream hair-do and make-up may look stunning behind a mirror, but it’s possible to capture something you may not have noticed when in front of a camera, and Photoshop only helps so much. With that in mind, having a pre-wedding engagement photoshoot gives room for you to experiment with your look.

Benefit #3: Makes For a Unique Save the Date, or invitations

Pre-wedding photography not only provides an opportunity to do trial runs, but you can also use it to add a more intimate and quirky touch to your Save the Date cards and/or invitations. Attaching a snapshot of the happy couple can be exciting and gives it a more personalized approach, making it a memento to keep as your friends and family anticipate the special day.

If you’re planning on placing a photo of the two of you on either a save the date or your invitiations, please dont resort to a shot you took on your phone! Invest in an engagement photoshoot for much better results!


The best wedding photography is one that is filled with special moments that capture the intense emotions of your big day. Engagement photography gives you some time to break down your awkwardness, allowing you to embrace candidness and celebrate your love together without any limitations. Can be a great date idea too! 😀

Don’t be afraid to opt to have a destination photoshoot either, as this would allow for you to make use of some incredible scenery, while not having to pay for an entire destination wedding!

If you’re looking to capture the beautiful moments leading up to your special day, I offer great deals on engagement photoshoots, both locally and around Australia! We’re the best wedding photographers in Australia to ask, so get in touch with us now!