Little Para Linear Park Couples Shoot – Helen & David

I had a bit of fun heading out to Salisbury to the delightful; little Little para Linear park to meet Helen and David who’s daughter had previously purchased them a gift certificate redeemable for a bit of a couple’s shoot!.

Apparently Helen and David hadn’t had any professional photos done of them since their wedding day, and even then it was just a friend who happened to have a camera, so Helen and David’s daughter decided that it was high time they had some nice photos of themselves!

Little Para Linear Park Couples Shoot

We decided to time the photoshoot so that we made the best use of the spectacular light available just before and during the golden hour whcih allowed for some spectacular golden light to filter through the trees and foliage on display throughout the Little Para Linear Park.

We met at the corner of Riverview Dr and Riverglen Ct which alowed us to go for a bit of a lap of the dry dcreek that meanders through the park, lined with gum trees and tall grass.

Helen and David seemed pretty laid back and keen to make the use of their time in front of my camera, which made things very easy for me! Always laughing, and playing about while we did some rather odd things like traipse through the undergrowth did not phase this fun loving couple – and I feel as though their photos really show this!

Was a great little photo shoot and I hope Helen, David and their daughter enjoy the photos we took!

4 Tips to Ensure a Successful Newborn Photoshoot – Our Guide


Ensure a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

People relish in memories—a household or two would have wedding memorabilia safely stored away or on display for generations to experience. Some invest in memoirs to keep their legacy alive, but for the majority, photographs are the most ideal way to keep memories alive.

The birth of a child, for instance, is a milestone that deserves a celebration. Many come to our studio for newborn photoshoots, to keep the memory of the arrival of their precious angel alive forever.

While taking a newborn’s photo may seem straightforward, a lot of work and rules need to be laid out to ensure a successful newborn photoshoot. In our years of experience, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to ensure the success of your photoshoot. We share our secrets to success, in the hopes that you create photographs of your child your family and friends will love!

4 Tips to Ensure a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

Tip #1: Consider the lighting options

As you may very well know, newborn babies are sensitive, especially when it comes to flash. If you want to have a quality photoshoot, opt for an area of your home where natural light is aplenty. You can either start early in the morning or the afternoon, so long as the sun offers you the best possible lighting for the photoshoot.

Do consider your options—natural light may produce good photos, but don’t let the magic of shadows pass you by. You may have window coverings that produce interesting shapes, so never hesitate to play around the room. If you’re working with a professional photographer, allow them to play around with the lighting! Alternatively I also love heading outside, particularly on a cloudy day!

When I’m working in a studio setting, the huge flash is always covered by a muting filter and I slowly ease the little one into having it flash. The first few shots from the shoot are usually not the best, but once they get used to it, it can work well.

Tip #2: Dedicate ample time

Newborns demand a lot of time and attention, and that will naturally transcend to the day of your photoshoot. Make sure to wake up extra early to gather and arrange everything you need, including snuggles, feedings, and clothing changes. Photographers understand that babies need ample care, and any disruptions during the shoot will be met with patience.

All you need to do is to ensure that you schedule your day accordingly, with extra room for changes, diaper accidents, burping needs, and other baby needs. Don’t fret—professional photographers would be more than willing to wait!

This all being said however, try not to spend too long actually in front of a camera. Little ones don’t tend to react well to doing something they arent used to for too long, so as soon as they show signs of ‘cracking’ make sure you comfort them ASAP.

Tip #3: Allow your photographer to see your everyday life

This is connected to the previous tip, but as you feed, change diapers, and snuggle with your baby, allow your photographer the chance to see your everyday routines. They would make for amazing photos, especially since your newborn can only be posed so much in a fairy costume.

While your photographer has your desired photos in mind, the little moments make up for some of the best newborn photos. That’s certainly how I work with most clients, as the soft and quiet moments between a mother, a father, and the baby turn out to be what they’re looking for.

Tip #4: Broaden your perspective

Taking photos of your baby in cute clothing is the main goal, as with family photos that proudly show off your precious one. Your baby will naturally end up tired, prompting a feeding session and a nap. As they’re indisposed, allow your photographer to roam once more and take photographs of the nursery.

That stuffed animal by the corner next to the crib can be an amazing shot, as with those tiny baby shoes right next to dad’s boots. These may not be significant now, but once your child graduates from college, these baby items will be long gone—to have proof that they once existed will be incredible and really is the main goal of a successful newborn photoshoot.

Making Memories to Cherish With Your Newborn

The prospect of a successful newborn photoshoot session is exciting, especially since you know that you’re solidifying a happy memory that will be fleeting. It entails hard work, however, especially since babies are beings that need round the clock attention and love. You will need to incorporate your care routine into your sessions, but the tips we’ve mentioned above intricately weave best of both worlds together and hopefully help create a successful newborn photoshoot.

For the best newborn photography services in Adelaide, Sven Studios has you covered. We primarily offer wedding photography solutions, but we’ve worked with countless families that capture newborn baby moments—we make them fun and relaxed, ensuring that you have photos you’ll be proud to display forever. Work with our talented team—reach out today.




Amani’s First Birthday Photoshoot

Amani’s First Birthday Photoshoot

I was lucky enough to head out to the local Pimpala Conservation Reserve, just behind the Woodcroft Shopping center to meet little Amani and his family for his first firthday photoshoot!

We opted to head out later in the afternoon so that the sun was lower in the sky and we were able to make the most of the amazing light that filters through the trees at this time of day!

Amani was a very well behaved little boy, and together with his enthiusiactic family, we managed to not only take some lovely shots of him by himself, but also group photos and even individual portraits of everyone there.

It was a lovely afternoon for this fun little first birthday photoshoot and I hope they enjoy their delightful family photography!

Veale Gardens Family Shoot – Kennedy Family


Veale Gardens Family Shoot

Erin and Phil were the bridal couple at one of the first ever weddings I covered as a wedding photographer all the way back in 2011, so it’s always nice to see how families are progressing when they ask me to come out again and produce some updated family portraits! I’ve also known Erin and her family since I was very little so it’s doubly nice to reconnect and have a bit of a chat. 🙂

We head out to the lovely Veale Gardens on South terrace in the city early in the morning so that we avoided the majority of walkers and have the gardens to ourselves. The sun is also at a nice height in the sky at this time in the morning so as to avoid most of the harsh shadows that can otherwise creep across faces in an unflattering way.

We began in the carpark behind the Pavillian restaurant and made use of the gum trees behind Veale gardens to create a bit of diversity in the colours of the final photos – as otherewise every photo has the emerald green colours of the curated grass within the gardens. it’s good to have some variety! We then walked up the rolling grassy hills towards the last rock pool, then looped back via the man made river meandering through the space.

As a result, I think The Kennedy’s Veale Gardens Family Shoot produced some lovely keepsake moments and nice family portraits for them to treasure forever more! helps a bunch when the kids are as well behaved as these were! Turned out to be a lovely morning.

The 7 Don’ts of a Family Photoshoot

The 7 Don’ts of a Family Photoshoot

You’ve come across the perfect Adelaide photographer to take your family pictures—now it’s only a matter of time until your session. With a dreamy and carefree image in mind, you can’t wait to run across that meadow rife with daisies or lift your darling infant above your shoulders to capture their winning smile. Yet, family photography isn’t as easy as pie. To achieve a smooth and spirited shoot, take note of the following photography sins you’ll want to avoid at all times.

DON’T – Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

“Picture perfect” is a phrase you’ll likely think of when it comes to conducting a family portrait—but hardly will a session go precisely the way you’ve planned. Don’t attach high expectations to what is supposed to be a fun-filled day of clicks and flashes. Smile more and worry less!

DON’T – Skimp on Finding the Right Photographer

Just because your idea is a stellar one doesn’t mean just anyone can pull it off. Regardless of how well-meaning and patient a photographer may be, a fashion expert, for instance, may not have a knack for family photos. Take a look at a photographer’s social media and previous work before concluding.

DON’T – Pick a Day or Time That Doesn’t Suit You

It should go without saying that a family photoshoot must involve every member. While accommodating a photographer’s busy schedule might mean having to wait longer than you’d hope, you don’t want to de-prioritise yours either.

Pick a day that won’t mean having to put off an important meeting or re-schedule a dinner. Plan around an open weekend and take into account any potential upcoming events.

The time of day, and weather is also very important when determining the quality of the actual photos you will recieve. It’s best to shoot as early in the day or as late as possible for the so called ‘golden hours‘ of photography.

DON’T – Wing Your Location

If you have a particular theme in mind for your family photoshoot, don’t ignore the importance of selecting an appropriate location. Think about whether you’ll better achieve your goals in a studio or outside space.

You’ll also want to account for weather. A lush field of flowers, for example, might only be available in the spring, whereas a shoot down by the beach might be more appropriate during the summer than in the winter.

DON’T – Forget to Pre-Plan

Families often underestimate the value of pre-planning. If you’re heading into a shoot with younger children, you’ll want to be well-equipped with snacks, water, and toys to keep the little ones entertained. If your photographer doesn’t provide props, you may have to pack those yourself. But try to keep these at a minimum.

It may also be the case that people arent morning people, or some other reason why people can’t arrive on time. Try to plan around this as much as possible and the shoot will be much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

DON’T – Take All Day

Regardless of how much your tots enjoy being in front of the camera, too much is often too much. Especially shooting outdoors, spending more than an hour or two under the sun can be incredibly tiring for both your family and photographer. Stick to a schedule or know when to take a break.

An hour is a long time taking photos and in my experience it’s a perfect time scalke in order to get some great photos!

DON’T – Plan Too Many Outfit Changes

Most families will undergo one or two outfit changes during a shoot—but if there aren’t enough dressing rooms to cater to larger families, you won’t want to overpack. Similarly, if you’re working within a time limit, too many outfit changes might take away from the actual shoot.

The key to a successful family photo shoot is a lot of careful planning, shopping for the right photographer, and making sure your family is well-rested before the big day. You may not avoid the occasional toddler meltdown—but you can plan around it. Hopefully this short list of ‘don’ts of a family photoshoot’ can help out with capturing some amazing photos!

For family photography in Adelaide that never disappoints, contact us at Sven Studios. We have a knack for working with families from all walks of life and maybe even a soft spot for kids!