GoFundMe Campaign for Drone Accreditation

I’ve put together a GoFundMe Campaign in order to raise funds to enable me to legally use my drone in Australia for commercial purposes.

GoFundMe is an on line crowd sourcing platform which allows for micro donations from people all over the globe to be given to whomever people deem worthy. My Campaign has been set up to source the $10,000 is costs to legally utilise my drone in Australia for commercial purposes. The images I used in my campaign has nothing to do with my wedding photography, but rather my fine art work which I felt would be more relate able to donors across the world, rather than pigeon-holing my potential pool of donors to Adelaide as an Adelaide wedding photographer.

GoFundMe Campaign

That said though, if I had the ability to utilise my drone for commercial purposes at a wedding within Adelaide, I would be one of the very few people who offer this kind of service, and I can further broaden my already considerable artistic capability whilst covering weddings.

If you enjoy my work, both as a wedding photographer and as a fine art photographer, please do consider donating to my Gofundme campaign by clicking on the button below.