Tips for Capturing Your Newborn’s First Moments


Capturing Your Newborn’s First Moments

For parents, having a baby is exciting. The moment you welcome your child into the world, you’re going to do whatever it takes to make them experience only the good things that life has to offer. You will want to take care of them forever and ensure they grow up in a safe and loving environment.

A newborn baby is fragile, precious, and hard to take your eyes off of—but time goes by fast for them. Before you know it, your newborn has turned a year older. As great an achievement as that might be, it can seem like a sad and fleeting moment for you, which is why you’ll want to keep that memory of your newborn for just a little longer. If you want to capture your newborn’s first moments perfectly, you should consider hiring a professional newborn photographer to do so.

A photographer who’s willing to document your newborn baby’s first moments requires dedication, patience, and passion for babies. Keep reading below to find out the essential tips you need to remember with newborn photography.

Tips for Capturing Your Newborn’s First Moments

Follow the Photographer’s Instructions

If you want the photoshoot to be successful, it’s crucial to follow all the instructions of your photographer. It’s not just about getting the perfect poses from your baby, but it’s also about making sure they’re comfortable and free from any pressure – also for safety reasons. You should already expect your newborn to cry, or not exactly be helpful while taking shots — but for things to continue as planned, it would help if you listened to what the photographer says.

Depending on your agreement and the style of shoot you’re aiming for, the shoot can be done in a studio, in your home or on locations like a park. Whichever you prefer, you can still expect to receive excellent results given that you listen to them; after all, newborn photographers have the skills and experience to produce beautiful photos.

Know Your Baby’s Sleeping Schedule

Newborn babies tend to sleep a lot, and more often than not, they won’t have a fixed sleeping schedule. Despite that, it’s vital to keep track of the time they’re awake for several hours and when they’re checked out for the rest of the day.

Before the shoot, it would help if you booked a session when you know your newborn will be sleepy for at least two hours, which can give the photographer enough time to take the photos. having your little one asleep actually helps set up a cute shot without too much fuss.

On the other hand, if you want photos of your newborn’s beautiful eyes, make sure you have plenty of distractions and ample food for when they inevitably become cranky! That’s because a newborn baby typically isn’t too big of a fan of being away from their Mummy or daddy for too long, and being on a posing beanbag for too long is a new experience they may not find comfortable.

Learn to Read Your Newborn’s Body Language

After two weeks, newborn babies tend to become uncomfortable due to the different experiences they start to feel in their bodies. That’s why if you’re hiring a newborn photographer, it’s essential to figure out your baby’s body language!

While each baby offers a unique personality, there are still techniques known to work on almost all babies to get them to calm down and keep them from crying. Take note that newborns shouldn’t be forced to pose right away. Instead, make it your mission to keep them comfortable during the entire photoshoot—the poses will then come naturally!

You also have to be prepared for the worst, including the relentless crying of newborns. In fact, bawling babies can be part of the art of newborn photography, especially if captured well. But if you prefer favourable outcomes, you have to do everything it takes to prevent them from becoming upset.

Capturing your baby’s first few weeks with the help of a newborn photographer is a one-of-a-kind experience because you get to witness your baby in a different setting and you’ll have memories in photographic form for ever more. As long as you make sure to follow what the photographer says, be familiar with your newborn’s schedule, and learn how to read their body language, you can expect the photoshoo of your newborn’s first moments to become a success!

Are you looking for a reliable newborn photographer in Adelaide to capture your baby’s first moments? Sven Studios is committed to documenting your precious memories, whether it’s photographing your newborn, shooting your family portrait, or encapsulating your wedding day. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!



4 Tips to Ensure a Successful Newborn Photoshoot – Our Guide


Ensure a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

People relish in memories—a household or two would have wedding memorabilia safely stored away or on display for generations to experience. Some invest in memoirs to keep their legacy alive, but for the majority, photographs are the most ideal way to keep memories alive.

The birth of a child, for instance, is a milestone that deserves a celebration. Many come to our studio for newborn photoshoots, to keep the memory of the arrival of their precious angel alive forever.

While taking a newborn’s photo may seem straightforward, a lot of work and rules need to be laid out to ensure a successful newborn photoshoot. In our years of experience, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to ensure the success of your photoshoot. We share our secrets to success, in the hopes that you create photographs of your child your family and friends will love!

4 Tips to Ensure a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

Tip #1: Consider the lighting options

As you may very well know, newborn babies are sensitive, especially when it comes to flash. If you want to have a quality photoshoot, opt for an area of your home where natural light is aplenty. You can either start early in the morning or the afternoon, so long as the sun offers you the best possible lighting for the photoshoot.

Do consider your options—natural light may produce good photos, but don’t let the magic of shadows pass you by. You may have window coverings that produce interesting shapes, so never hesitate to play around the room. If you’re working with a professional photographer, allow them to play around with the lighting! Alternatively I also love heading outside, particularly on a cloudy day!

When I’m working in a studio setting, the huge flash is always covered by a muting filter and I slowly ease the little one into having it flash. The first few shots from the shoot are usually not the best, but once they get used to it, it can work well.

Tip #2: Dedicate ample time

Newborns demand a lot of time and attention, and that will naturally transcend to the day of your photoshoot. Make sure to wake up extra early to gather and arrange everything you need, including snuggles, feedings, and clothing changes. Photographers understand that babies need ample care, and any disruptions during the shoot will be met with patience.

All you need to do is to ensure that you schedule your day accordingly, with extra room for changes, diaper accidents, burping needs, and other baby needs. Don’t fret—professional photographers would be more than willing to wait!

This all being said however, try not to spend too long actually in front of a camera. Little ones don’t tend to react well to doing something they arent used to for too long, so as soon as they show signs of ‘cracking’ make sure you comfort them ASAP.

Tip #3: Allow your photographer to see your everyday life

This is connected to the previous tip, but as you feed, change diapers, and snuggle with your baby, allow your photographer the chance to see your everyday routines. They would make for amazing photos, especially since your newborn can only be posed so much in a fairy costume.

While your photographer has your desired photos in mind, the little moments make up for some of the best newborn photos. That’s certainly how I work with most clients, as the soft and quiet moments between a mother, a father, and the baby turn out to be what they’re looking for.

Tip #4: Broaden your perspective

Taking photos of your baby in cute clothing is the main goal, as with family photos that proudly show off your precious one. Your baby will naturally end up tired, prompting a feeding session and a nap. As they’re indisposed, allow your photographer to roam once more and take photographs of the nursery.

That stuffed animal by the corner next to the crib can be an amazing shot, as with those tiny baby shoes right next to dad’s boots. These may not be significant now, but once your child graduates from college, these baby items will be long gone—to have proof that they once existed will be incredible and really is the main goal of a successful newborn photoshoot.

Making Memories to Cherish With Your Newborn

The prospect of a successful newborn photoshoot session is exciting, especially since you know that you’re solidifying a happy memory that will be fleeting. It entails hard work, however, especially since babies are beings that need round the clock attention and love. You will need to incorporate your care routine into your sessions, but the tips we’ve mentioned above intricately weave best of both worlds together and hopefully help create a successful newborn photoshoot.

For the best newborn photography services in Adelaide, Sven Studios has you covered. We primarily offer wedding photography solutions, but we’ve worked with countless families that capture newborn baby moments—we make them fun and relaxed, ensuring that you have photos you’ll be proud to display forever. Work with our talented team—reach out today.




Amani’s First Birthday Photoshoot

Amani’s First Birthday Photoshoot

I was lucky enough to head out to the local Pimpala Conservation Reserve, just behind the Woodcroft Shopping center to meet little Amani and his family for his first firthday photoshoot!

We opted to head out later in the afternoon so that the sun was lower in the sky and we were able to make the most of the amazing light that filters through the trees at this time of day!

Amani was a very well behaved little boy, and together with his enthiusiactic family, we managed to not only take some lovely shots of him by himself, but also group photos and even individual portraits of everyone there.

It was a lovely afternoon for this fun little first birthday photoshoot and I hope they enjoy their delightful family photography!

Maternity Photography Tips and Reminders – What to Know


Maternity Photography Tips and Reminders

A woman will not be pregnant forever, and believe it or not, it is a life stage that will fly by quickly even though during the hard parts it can seem like it’ll never end. To celebrate this momentous event, women often have a maternity photo session. It allows them to document their precious moments and the magical journey that their bodies go through as they create a new little life. Photos from the shoot will serve as a forever reminder of the excitement and joy of bringing a child into the world.

Whether you are a photographer looking for some maternity photography tips to make this photoshoot session a success or an expecting mom looking for some pointers on how to take your self-portrait or act in front of a camera, here is some useful information that can help you refine the experience.

Maternity Photography Tips

On Composition

  • Some women love seeing their pregnant figure, including all the extra weight. To capture this look, opt to shoot photos at eye level. This composition will put your client’s face and body front in the centre of the shot.
  • Other clients are the exact opposite. They are conscious of their body and weight, and some are even bothered by the added puffiness on their faces. In these scenarios, try to shoot from an angle above the model. A distance of around one or two feet will do. It will slim down all her features, giving her more flattering photos.

What to Wear

The truth is some expecting moms do not feel beautiful about the changes their bodies go through. As a result, some may try to cover up by wearing loose or large clothing. On the other hand, others will want to pose nude or close to it.

Every client is different, so it is essential to make sure that what they are wearing makes them feel comfortable. If you feel that the client needs a little confidence boost, encourage her to wear something elegant and beautiful. Putting on nice clothes can immediately add a certain level of sophistication to the shot and the woman’s self-esteem.

Reminders for the Maternity Photographer

  • Understand Maternity Poses

You might have come across this a lot: a mother smiling while her hand touches her belly. That is the usual pose that people expect from a maternity shoot. While this is an almost mandatory shot that a soon-to-be-mom would expect to have, the photographer should not only get her into the pose. They have to capture her in that position while ensuring that she is comfortable and beautiful as well.

  • Direct Your Client

Finding the right poses that your client can execute well can be challenging since not all moms are professional models. That being the case, you need to unleash your direction skills. Prepare for this by researching the different poses your client can imitate. Come prepared with not so much instructions on how to pose her body, more some activities that someone would be doing while on location, where she can look, what to do with her hands, and what expressions to put on her face. An example light be to simply walk through some trees while flicking her hair or something.

I find the most beautiful shots are taken during some sort of action – this is a good tip to understand, not just when thinking about maternity photography tips!

Make sure not to be so strict or bark out instructions to your client to avoid making her feel miserable. You can start by going over a few posing ideas you have so she knows what to expect from the shoot.

  • Always Consult Your Model

You can always discuss the composition and types of poses you want your client to do, but if she gets uncomfortable with any of them, you need to have backup plans. There will always be a time when looking relaxed and smiling for a pregnant woman can feel unnatural. Remember that she can be in pain during the whole process. What you need to do is check on her frequently and ask whether she is comfortable with what she is doing. She may also have some ideas to make both your lives easier.

These friendly maternity photography tips and reminders can make the whole maternity shoot session a victory. The main idea is to always keep your client happy, and just remember traipsing around a forest in lingerie isnt exactly the most natural feeling in the world, so try and make it fun! Put these tips into practice to capture a great photo that will serve as a remembrance of this special period.

Sven Studios is here to preserve your precious memories as a new family. Whether you need wedding photography services in Hobart or a newborn or family photography service in Adelaide, we can do it for you. Contact us today to book an appointment.










4 Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe During Photoshoots


Keep Your Baby Safe During Photoshoots

The birth of a newborn is always an exciting time, especially for the parents. With their tiny hands, feet, and toes, babies have a way of bringing joy and happiness to anyone. As a parent, these feelings are meant to be treasured and never forgotten. However, since babies grow surprisingly quickly, you would want a way to easily store these memories forever.

Our answer to you is with newborn photography. More specifically, you can have your family together for photos that you cherish for a lifetime.

That said, you must keep your baby safe during photoshoots as a top priority. This means that during the shoot, the baby must be safe and cared for at all times.

Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe During Photoshoots

To make sure that you keep your baby baby safe during photoshoots, here are some things you must do:

  1. Keep them warm or cool

Babies cannot regulate their body temperature properly. For this reason, if they are placed in a room that is too cold, their temperature will drop. Also, if they are in a room that is too hot, they will feel hot quickly.

To ensure that your baby stays at a comfortable temperature and that they do not start crying, make sure that the room you are taking your photos in has the temperature controlled. Or if taking photos outside, simply make sure you have ample clothing or coverings available.

As a precaution, learn of the symptoms and signs a baby will show if they are too cold or hot so that you can then take the appropriate action when these signs show up.

  1. Do not hold them too tightly

As a parent, you might unknowingly hold your baby tightly in an attempt to keep your baby safe during photoshoots. having a photoshoot done can be quite annatural for a lot of people and this is simply a natural thing to overcompensate doing. This, unfortunately, can hurt the baby since it can stop blood from properly circulating throughout their body.

With this in mind, ensure that you are not accidentally pinching any part of the baby’s body. Try to regularly shift positions, as keeping a baby in one position for too long might block blood from reaching certain areas of their body.

  1. Maintain a clear airway

Sometimes, when your baby’s head is in a particular position, their airways might be constricted. They will not be able to tell you that they cannot breathe, so it is always vital that you make sure the baby’s head is positioned correctly. Also, if you are wrapping your arms around the baby, do not press around their neck too tightly.

  1. Talk with the photographer

Ensuring that your baby is safe does not only fall on your hands but the photographer’s as well. They, too, must ensure that your baby is comfortable and can breathe properly.

You should always check that your photographer has a current working with children check issued by the government, as it’s a legal obligation in Australia to do so. While also checking if they are specially trained for working with children.

Because of this, when you choose a photographer, have a chat with them first. Talk about some of your concerns regarding your baby and speak up during the actual session if you experience anything you’re not comfortable with.

Quickly sidestepping into my own personal case – I happen to be a registered teacher in South Australia with special training in working with young children.

Remember, safety is always the priority, especially for your baby. Before you go for a photo-taking session, always be prepared. This can mean either packing up some food for the child or bringing in extra clothes in case the venue is cold. Just try to think of any contingency to keep your baby safe during photoshoots!

Never forget to have a chat with the photographer beforehand. Ensure that he or she knows of your concerns and that you are entirely comfortable working with them. Otherwise, look for someone else you can trust who has more experience working with babies.

Sven Studios are professional photographers specialising in weddings, newborns, and more. If you are looking for a trustworthy newborn photographer in Adelaide, reach out to us!