Kangaroo Island Elopement – Claire & Jacob

Claire and Jacob held a super secret Kangaroo Island Elopement unbeknownst to all their family and friends except for their witnesses! From the moment I met with Claire and Jacob I knew their elopement was going to be a special one, and it certainly turned out to be a fantastic day starting from sunrise on pennashw’s beach, up to Cape Willoughby Lighthouse before finally heading to Pennington bay for their elopement ceremony.

Morning Photoshoot

We began the day at the crack of dawn – hoping for a stunning sunrise to illuminate the sky behind the lovely rocks at Frenchman’s rock. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be with a rather overcast beginning to the morning, we made use of the rock formations anyway, before finally slivers of the sunrise revealed itself towards the end of our time there.

As a result Claire and Jacob’s Kangaroo Island elopement photoshoot began by getting our feet wet a bit, which in my books is the best way to start a day of photo taking! Next stop was scaling cliffs near the Cape Willoughby Lighthouse!

Before heading out to the lighthouse however, we made use of the nearby Sculpture trail on Penneshaw beach to take some shots within some of the sculputes and on the lovely suspension bridge cutting across the gully.

The last time I was on Kangaroo Island before Claire and Jacob’s kangaroo island elopement was about 10 years prior, and I had just got into photography then. I ventured out this way myself hoping to capture some stunning landscapes and of course I did so – but that trip allowed me to remember some amazing spots bewteen Penneshaw and Cape Willoughby – including tree lines dirt roads and grass along the sides of some roads! made sure we made use of them.

Our time at the Cape Willoughby Lighthouse was the moment I was most looking forward to before heading out for Claire and Jacob’s elopement. I remembered there was an amazing winding road leading to the lighthouse itself, and also some stunningly tall cliffs whcih I was keen to ask Claire and Jacob to scale for photos! I was lucky they were keen to do so! Not since Georgia in Hobart had I seen a bride so willing to run around on rocks in her wedding dress before the ceremony!

It was absolutely marvellous despite viewing the footage my wife took after the fact and realising how high the cliffs under us really were!


Kangaroo Island Elopement Ceremony

Claire and Jacob’s Kangaroo Island Elopement ceremony took place on a little secluded beach, surrounded by cliffs nearby the beautiful Pennington Bay. This secluded location allowed for minimal wind to interrupt the ceremony and it made for a lovely, intimate ceremony.

Pennington Bay Glamour Shoot

The waters around Pennington bay is beatifully clear and shallow enough so that Claire and Jacob could wade out a bit for some photos, so of course I made them do so! The scenery just called for another round of wading so we certainly made use of it all!

Thanks so much to Claire and Jacob for having me as your wedding/elopement photographer I know some of the things I asked you do do for the shot wasnt easy, but I am so grateful you gavClaire and Jacob held a super secret Kangaroo Island Elopement on the pristine sands of Pennington Bay after scaling cliffs and getting wet!e me the opportunity to take some amazing shots!