Seagrass Long Point Wedding – Hobart – Georgia & Matt

Heading down to Hobart is always a treat, and heading down to capture some Hobart wedding photography is even better! – particularly when the bridal couple are as keen as I am to create some awesome photography! Georgia and Matt’s Seagrass Long Point wedding had us galavanting through waterfalls, climbing mountains, destroying cameras and battling the wind all to create some awesome memories!

I had an absolute blast!

First Look Photoshoot

For me ever since Georgia and Matt said they would be keen on having a photoshoot in front of some of Hobart’s local waterfalls, I had been looking forward to heading out there with them with great anticipation!

The day before the wedding at Seagrass Long Point, we met by the beginning of the Cascades track – just behind the Cascade Brewery in order to conduct a bit of a ‘first look’ where Matt sees Georgia for the first time while wearing her dress.

It’s a rare enough occurance that a bride would be keen on getting ready to the extent one does on a wedding day twice in a row in order to have photos done, let along get ready in all her finery, and then traipse through canyons and hike around waterfalls! But I very much thank both Georgia and Matt for making the effort, as I’m very excited about their photos! Even though they did cost me one of my cameras which decided to go for a bit of a swim at one of the waterfalls :/

In the dying light of the afternoon, we made a bee-line to the summit of Mt Wellington to catch what was left of the sunset. Unfortunately it wasnt the best sun set, but we made do with what was available, including getting the lights of Hobart twinkling in the background in some of their shots.


The next day, thankfully my swimming camera had decided to come back from the dead which meant I diddnt have to make a mad dash to the camera store!

I began the day with Matt and his groomsmen being prepared at a rather nice bed and breakfast near Taroona – just south of Seagrass Long Point. The main topic of conversation was the rather ‘fun’ COVID restrictions that had caused a headache for some of the travelling guests Georgia and Matt had invited. Georgia and Matt by the way, despite previously living in Hobart, now live in Perth and had also travelled to Hobart as a destination wedding.

Georgia and her bridesmaids were being prepared at a family home further north in midway point. The house boasted a lovely, open master bedroom which was actually supposed to be the house’s rumpus room so had a huge amount of room to take beautiful, airy photos in.

The girls were all having a grand old time getting ready and reminiscing over their exploits during Georgia’s hen’s night while also taking the time to create some beautiful memories such as having Dad come in for an emotional first look of Georgia’s dress and Mum helping put it on.

Seagrass Long Point Wedding Ceremony

The Seagrass Long Point wedding venue is situated south of the Hobart CBD, slightly further south than the famed wrest point. The area boasts a large public park which looked to be quite popular with the locals, while Georgia and Matt’s ceremony took place on a strip of grass overlooking the River Derwent, or the harbour of Hobart.

Unfortunately the wind was a tad strong, and Georgia and Matt had some trouble adjusting to the sun glaring directly at them, but I think once they turned to look at one another during the ceremony all was well.

Glamour Photos

Directly after the ceremony, and family photos havig been shot using the Seagrass Long Point balcony, we head off around the park a little bit for some glamour photos with the bridal party – as they were not dressed up yesterday when we visited the waterfalls and Mt Wellington.

Seagrass Long Point Wedding Reception

Georgia and Matt’s Seagrass Long Point wedding reception was set up along two long tables, with a head table at one end of the reception hall, and a dancing area at the other. The reception hall was a lovely intimate affair, overlooking the river from a high vantage point which made the whole space feel rather cozy considering the plummeting temperature outside.

Georgia and Matt’s guests all had a good go on the dance floor, making sure it was being used all night! Was a lot of fun to be a part of!

Thankyou Georgia and Matt for having me shoot your Seagrass Long Point wedding! It was a beautiful couple of days, and thanks so much for heading out on a cross-country hike in wedding attire!

Photography from Tasmania trip

I have spent the last week driving around Tasmania and doing my best to capture the beauty that is Tasmania. The day before I left I had a wedding, and the day after I got back I had a wedding, so it’s been a busy week for me. Anyway, the purpose of this blog post is to give you a bit of a sneak peek of some of the photographs I took in Tasmania. I’ve only had a short while to go through them, and edit them, but this is what I have to show you at the moment.

Random spots around Tasmania

Tasmania really is a very pretty spot in the world. the landscape reminded me greatly of New Zealand, with the cold weather to match. It’s really a shame that not more people visit. That said however I did see plenty of foreign tourists in and about the hostels and hotels I stayed at so it looks like the word is out overseas, but not on the mainland of Australia. The weather was a little disappointing with very overcast days most of the time, and my camera filters not doing what they were supposed to, but I persevered.

Coles Bay/Wineglass bay

These areas are a part of the most visited national park on the island of Tasmania, Freycinet national park. The park boasts a number of white sand beaches and a number of rough hiking tracks over 3 a small mountain range all encompassed by water. A beautiful location.

Russell Falls

Russell Falls are located on the eastern boundary of Mount Field National Park which is about an hour north west of Hobart. After a short, pretty walk amongst a temperate rain forest, you are greeted with three such waterfalls.