Adelaide Botanic Park

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Right next to the Adelaide Botanic Garden is Botanic Park, a 34-hectare, green oasis a short walk from the Adelaide CBD. As an open public space, the botanic park is used for various events and gatherings ranging from concerts to fetes, and of course weddings. The Adelaide Botanic Garden purchased the land for Botanic park in 1866 so when considering using the park for a wedding ceremony, you will have to book through the Botanic Gardens website.

Botanic Park is flanked on the Botanic Garden side by a stately avenue of plane trees planted in 1874, and on the northern side by the River Torrens and the Adelaide Zoo. One of the main appeals of Botanic park is the wonderful old trees with huge root systems that suit wedding photos very well. But the draw back is during the summer months there tends to be many picnic makers that also enjoy the wonderful surrounds.