Burbrook Forest

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Burbrook Forest Wedding

Burbrook Forest is a privately owned segment of forest that is directly nearby Kuitpo forest. If you diddnt know it was there you’d be forgiven for driving right past it thinking it’s all part of the same forest. The appeal of Burbrook forest as a wedding venue is the fact that it’s a super secluded spot, surrounded by tall, awesome looking pine trees and at the head of your wedding ceremony is usually what’s affectionately known as ‘the wedding tree’. The wedding tree would not look out of place in any of the Harry Potter Movies, being all gnarley and almost spooky looking. It’s location, being surrounded by straight, and tall pine trees makes the tree really stand out well and looks amazing in photos. I personally was married here, mainly because my wife and I both knew how amazing the scenery amongst the pine trees were.

The forest can be used for both wedding ceremonies and receptions, however it’s an entirely DIY venue, meaning you’d need to source vendors for everything from food through to portable toilets. Whats often the case when it comes to having a wedding here is that the ceremony is often held at the wedding tree, and the reception is held at the nearby Kuitpo Hall, which is a beautiful, rustic venue that compliments any wedding held at Burbrook Forest well.