Stockade Botanic Park

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Stockade Botanic Park Wedding
Stockade Botanical Park wedding

The Stockade Botanic Park in Northfield is a small curated park nestled away in suburbia that boasts perhaps the tallest artificial waterfall in Adelaide. The garden lends itself well to photographs later in the day with the sun seeping through the trees, while the area has 3 different locations to set up a wedding ceremony. For larger weddings one can set up a wedding ceremony on the large grassy area in front of the quaint little gazebo erected with a walkway lined with roses, or on the concreted area in front of the waterfall. Or for smaller weddings, there’s a little grassed area on the other side of the waterfall.

Watch out for mosquitoes during some periods of the year, and don;t be too disappointed about the liability mandated tall fencing around the artificial plunge pool at the bottom of the waterfall – it kind of ruins any attempt to use the falls in photos. 🙁

The Stockade Botanic Park is so named due to the heritage listed former ‘stockade’ gaol a short walk away – but if difficult to approach in bridal attire.