Victor Harbor wedding

St Joan of Arc Church Wedding – Linda & Barry

The wedding of Linda and Barry was a wonderful day down at Victor Harbor on new year’s eve 2015. They were wed at the St Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Victor Harbor while having their reception at the McCracken Country Club. Obviously, having a wedding on new year’s eve mandates that the wedding photographer captures some photos of the couple kissing under fireworks at midnight, so that’s what I did! It was a long day, but getting that shot as Linda and Barry’s wedding photographer was an absolute joy as I’d always wanted to capture that kind of shot! Linda and Barry took advantage of my generous full day package so that I was available all day from the groom’s preparation through to that all important fireworks shot I had been so looking forward to capturing.


Barry and his grooms men, along with his family were being prepared down the road from the McCracken country club in the Frontage Apartments. Many of Linda and Barry’s family and guests had travelled from Ireland, New Zealand and interstate to be in Victor Harbor for this glorious day and I could really feel the grandness of the occasion. Barry was nervous, I had trouble understanding accents, all while everyone was running about trying to get ready. It was fantastic to be a part of.

Linda was being prepared in a McCracken country club apartment overlooking the magnificent fairway. As is a common occurrence these days, the bridal party were in charge of the wedding bands, apparently its common to not trust the boys with the rings 🙂 But the interesting part of this was that Linda had not yet seen the rings, and were a bit of a surprise, so while I was taking photos of the rings and jewellery, she was relegated to her bedroom! Linda’s flower girls were flown out of Ireland on their first visit to Australia for the occasion.

St Joan of Arc Church Victor Harbour Wedding Ceremony

The St Joan of Arc Church was one of the earlier churches built in Victor Harbor, named in 1920, interestingly a few months before Joan of Arc was made a Saint, it was the third Church built since Victor Harbor’s founding as a port in 1838. A brilliant white church, with a surprisingly spacious interior, the church boasts an organ and a tall roof supported by imposing white marble columns, allowing for a passage way either side of the two pew rows.

Victor Harbor glamour shots

Since the development of the railway in the 1960s, Victor Harbor turned from an important commercial port to a pretty holiday and retirement destination. Points of interest include the coastline including Granite island, the Bluff and Petrel cove, all three of which we made good use of while taking some glamour photos. Unfortunately being a bit of a windy day, Linda’s long veil unfortunately flew off her head while we were using the 141 year old causeway to Granite island and drifted down into the water! thankfully it was only knee deep so I waded out to gather it!

McCracken Country Club Reception

The McCracken Country Club is a sprawling complex, complete with function room, hotel and apartment style accommodation, all surrounding and overlooking a sweeping golf course and a short drive away from the center of Victor Harbor. It just so happens this was the second time within a month I had covered a wedding  at the complex. The reception hall is elegantly simple, studded with wine barrels and overlooking the fairway with large windows, it’s a nice little reception venue suitable for small or large gatherings.

New Year’s eve fireworks

The Country Club has a nice view of the location where the Victor Harbor New Year’s fireworks were being conducted so that I could set up my tripod and shoot Linda and Barry kissing under the lit sky without much difficulty. The results were absolutely fantastic, and I’m so pleased I managed to capture the moment as I had planned.

I had an absolute blast as Linda and Barry’s wedding photographer, I’m so pleased they chose me to do their wedding photography and I very much hope they enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed creating them! Thank you!

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