Crafers Cottages Wedding

Crafers Cottages Wedding – Renee & Paul

Renee and Paul’s wedding took place in a beautifully intimate garden, hidden behind the Crafers Cottages bed and breakfast, and directly in front of the Crafers primary school. You would never know this oasis of a garden exists unless you were brought there for a wedding, and what a stunning wedding this was! renee and Paul opted to keep their guests to a minimum to keep the celebrations as low key as possible which allowed for a wedding ceremony full of love. I was to cover their wedding photography for 3 hours, beginning at their ceremony through to a short while at their reception at the nearby Bridgewater Inn.

Crafers Cottages wedding ceremony

The surrounds of the garden behind Crafers cottages is lush with an incredibly green landscape, complete with a small creek that runs through the center, it provided for a magnificent;y natural backdrop for wedding shots. The wedding ceremony itself was held on what looks to be a purpose built terrace. Complete with grass covering each step down to the garden, it allows for a sort of auditorium setting for all guests to watch a wedding ceremony from a perfect vantage point.

Renee and Paul’s ceremony included a number of personal moments, including a sand ceremony – symbolising the coming together of both Renee and paul’s family which now included a daughter. Also the lighting of a remembrance candle for Paul’s father. It’s these small heartfelt moments of a wedding that I feel are most special.

Glamour shots

We wandered about the garden for a little while making use of the rather overgrown foliage within the garden. I love this kind of setting as the photographs always turn out wonderfully dreamy. It’s all just beautiful.

Bridgewater Inn wedding reception

Renee and Paul opted to hold a small wedding reception for their immediate friends and family at the Bridgewater Inn where a single table was set up alongside a private bar and dancefloor. The area looked to be the old cellars for the Inn, which again provided for a very intimate atmosphere for their small reception party.

I feel very privileged to have been a part of Renee and Pauls beautifully intimate wedding, and I hope they enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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