Michelle and Jordan’s Glenelg Golf Club Wedding took place on a rather overcast day in early September, but thankfully the rain held off until late in the night when it’s allowed to rain! I was chosen as their wedding photographer for their entire day so this saw me at both of their preparation locations, through until the very end of their reception. They also opted to make use of my photobooth during the night.


As usual, I started my day off with the groom and his groomsmen. When I arrived the guys were sitting around polishing their shoes and playing FIFA17. It was a fairly laid back morning, with the guys fussing about with myself and their videographer floating about while they got dressed.

Once I arrived at Michelle’s place of preparation, I was amazed to see that her wedding dress had been hung from the roof in the center of their living room. It was quite beautiful and I’ve made a mental note to use the idea at future weddings 🙂 Again, like Jordan and his groomsmen, the ladies were all really laid back and enjoying their lunch while sitting about in their kimonos. The kids that were running about were very cute and their outfits even more so!

Glenelg Golf Club Wedding Ceremony

The Glenelg Golf Club has been around since 1926 when it was founded as a local golf club to people living in the city area. Now it’s one of the most recognised wedding venues and prestigious golf clubs in SOuth Australia. Having a Glenelg Golf Club Wedding means that you’re having your wedding at one of the most awarded wedding venues in SA.

Once Michelle’s limo arrived, their wedding ceremony took place in the usual place in the little grassy area in front of the club house, nearby a small gazebo.

Glenelg Golf Club Glamour photos

After the ceremony and the family photos, Michelle and Jordan’s entourage and myself went for a short walk around the designated areas for photos within the Glenelg Golf Club. The fun thing about having a Glenelg Golf Club Wedding is that when you’re walking around  for photos, you need to look out for golfers and their wayward balls 😛

Glenelg Golf Club Wedding Reception

Glenelg Golf Club Wedding Receptions are always set in the most beautiful little reception hall, suitable for small or large wedding parties, and what really makes them so fun is their resident DJ, who is always keen on making everyone have a laugh. I love some of the fun games that people play at weddings, in Michelle and Jordan’s case they played the ‘shoe game’ where they answer questions relating to their relationship by holding their shoes over their head depending on the answer. Always a bit of a laugh when the bride and groom each answers differently.

Thanks go out to Michelle and Jordan for having me as their wedding photographer on their special day!

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