It was a bit of a different wedding day for Lorena and Ashraf, incorporating a bunch of traditional Lebanese sweets, dancing and family fun! It so great to get to be a part of these weddings where there’s always something going on, and the energy of everyone involved is on show for all to see! Started the day with a glamour shoot, while the real fun started at Ashraf’s house where his entire family had congregated for some fun Lebanese dancing then headed over to the Tea Tree Gully Golf Course for their lunch time reception.

Glamour Photos

We started early on the day with a glamour shoot around Inglewood and the park nearby the Sferas Convention Center where we made use of the awesome trees and rustic ruins scattered about.

Lebanese Wedding Dancing

When Ashraf was warning me of the kind of different experience I was in for when we met to talk about their wedding photography on their wedding day, I wasn’t overly expecting him to start dancing about like a hooligan in the middle of their street! It was great fun to witness all his friends and family join in with the drumming, making as much noise as possible and dance moves bordering on dangerous! 🙂

Tea Tree Gully Golf Course Reception

The dancing continued all throughout their lunch time reception at the Tea Tree Gully Golf Course reception hall. They used up the entire large area with hundreds of guests, all keen on squeezing on the dancefloor and bop to the amazingly loud drumming and singing!

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