St Patricks Church Wedding – Katie & Stairs

It was super fun to be the wedding photographer at Katie and Stairs’ wedding at Adelaide’s St Patricks Church on Grote st as the entire day was super laid back and simple but still full of fun and laughter all day.

I was asked to be their photographer all day from preparation through to the end of their reception at the Jade pub in the city. We travelled to the South Terrace Veale and Himeji gardens for their glamour photos directly after their ceremony

The day started as it usually does with the preparation of Stairs’ and his entourage at his parents house just outside of the city. Much of the morning was spent placing ribbons on his prized VW wagon before starting to get dressed.

Katie and her bridal party were being prepared in a beautiful house just to the south of the city, complete with stunning atrium and wood work all throughout the house, was an awesome spot for bridal preparation photos! The big surprise of a VW combi was a lot of fun for Katie and everyone there – apparently Stairs had organised the bridal car unbeknownst to anyone else.

<h3>St Patricks Church Wedding Ceremony</h3>
The St Patricks Church on Grote street in Adelaide has been described as one of the most impressive churches in the Archdiocese of Adelaide, having celebrated it’s centenary in 2014, this old church certainly lives up to it’s reputation in grandeur. With it’s tall central ceiling decorated in gold leaf and huge roman columns either side of the congregation pews it certainly make for an impressive view once walking in it’s doors.

Katie and Stair’s modest guest list barely filled the first half of the available seating within the church, but this only made the ceremony that much more intimate while their harpist strummed a delightful melody throughout the ceremony.

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<h3>Glamour Photos</h3>
After the mandatory family photos were finished out the front of St Patricks Church, we head over to the Himeji and Veale gardens on South Terrace to make use of the greenery for their glamour photos. It was very important to take it slow and have fun with the whole bridal party all throughout which made the whole experience super laid back and enjoyable.

<h3>The Jade Wedding Reception</h3>
We arrived at The Jade pub a little late for the reception party, but this really wasn’t much of an issue as one of the only traditional parts of their night was speeches and cutting their cake – the rest was just sitting back and enjoying themselves while surrounded by family and friends – which I think is an awesome way to spend your wedding night!

Thanks so much to Katie and Stairs for having me as your wedding photographer! I hope you enjoy your photos.

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