Mt Lofty House Wedding

Mt Lofty House Wedding – Kate & Matt

Kate and Matt travelled all the way from Sydney to have their wedding at the lovely Mt Lofty House, while the majority of their guests also travelled from places like Singapore, Egypt and other countries! You could tell by the guest list that the coming together of such a far flung family was a very special occurrence so I was so excited to be Kate and Matt’s wedding photographer!

Te only drawback to the day was the unfortunate weather which caused the location of their ceremony to be moved indoors, along with the family photos, and also forced the glamour shots around the gardens to be a little rushed. But this little set back couldn’t wipe the smiles off of Kate and Matt’s faces!


The day started for me at Matt’s place of preparation at a delightful bed and breakfast nearby. The stunningly decorated house was surrounded by autumnal leaves hanging from some wonderful trees which we made sure to make use of in the photos! One of Matt’s groomsmen was running a bit late, but we managed to grab a shot together before I had to head off to Kate’s place of preparation.

Kate was being prepared in the Gatekeeper’s cottage at Mt Lofty House. It’s a nice little house suited for little romantic getaways, but with 15 odd people walking about here, the place was a little cramped 🙂 It does make for some nice shots around corners and through doorways though. While Kate was getting ready, it started to rain unfortunately so the ceremony was moved indoors.

Mt Lofty House Wedding Ceremony

Kate and Matt’s guestlist was around 100 people, so moving the ceremony indoors was not too much of an issue in regards to space as Mt Lofty House has a large enough area to hold both their reception and a ceremony. It did cause both the videographer and I to be a little stuck sometimes, but it wall worked out 🙂

Glamour Photos

After the (seemingly) several hundred family photos we took in the grand library that takes center place within the house, we made as much use of the Mt Lofty House gardens as we could before feeling the weather and having enough time for Kate to touch up her makeup before entering their reception party.

Mt Lofty House Wedding Reception

Kate and Matt’s reception party was delightful mixture of customs and traditions from all over the world. We held a Chinese toast or ‘Yum Sing’, while also enjoying Egyption dancing and then of course the first dance and bouquet tossing. The night was awesome to be a part of and I had a great time while photographing and also manning the photo booth.

Night Time Shots

During the night we went for a bit of a walk to make use of the unique fog opportunities we had that night in some night time shots 🙂

Thanks so much to Kate and Matt for having me on your day and I hope your other ceremonies around the world are as much fun as the one you held at the Mt Lofty House! 😀 #kateisgettingknighted

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