I was super excited to cover Geri and Ashwin’s Santorini Couple Shoot as I happened to be on the Greek island of Santorini for Kerri and Tony’s wedding for which they were guests to! Geri’s choice of dress was amazing as the red of her dress really stood out amongst the typical blue and white for which the island of Santorini is famous for. Both Geri and Ashwin were quite natural in front of a camera also, making for some wonderful scenes without much effort, and while surrounded by the sun parched surrounds of Thera on Santorini, it made for some lovely scenes.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, shooting in Santorini and expecting to be surrounded by pristine stairways and white buildings is fine, but you also need to be prepared for throngs of tourists also getting in the way! Leading up to Kerri and Tony’s wedding photo shoot I had scouted out certain spots around the city that seemed to have fewer tourists than others, while still looking awesome, so I took Geri and Ashwin to all the same spots as I took Kerri and Tony, with a few other spots thrown in. As the time of the day was very different between Kerri and Tony’s shoot and Geri and Ashwins, it was quite interesting to visit the same areas and work with the different light.

Santorini Couple Shoot

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