Baby Max – Newborn Shoot

Baby Max’s Newborn Shoot

I got to meet little baby Max the other day and take this little cutie’s photos! Max’s parents are friends with baby Hadley‘s family so it was lovely to hear that they had found me through a friend’s recommendation! It’s always nice to hear that as you know you’re doing something right! 😀

At the beginning little Max wasn’t so sure about having his photos taken, he was a little reluctant to be away from Mum and Dad for too long so we ended up taking saome time to ease our way into it. We started out with some simple shots laying down on a big fluffy blanket while he got used to being around the big flashing lights 🙂

Once he got used the whole idea of having his newborn photos taken, and once he had a nice piddle we were able to graduate to some cute shots in some of the baskets I had available.

Baby Max got to be a little bit sleepy towards the end of our shoot, so while walking about the nearby park for family photos, he had a little nap which was great for some intimate family shots amongst the trees.


it was super lovely to meet baby max and I hope his parents love his photos! 😀

Baby Hadley – Newborn Shoot


Baby Hadley

Say hello to Baby Hadley! One great thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to meet many of the cute little babies that come as a natural result of being married 😛 While I diddnt cover Miranda and Jake’s wedding as they were married overseas, I did cover their reception party that took place more locally several years ago.

This little cutie wasn’t overly keen on having her newborn photos done, but we managed to get a couple in between plenty of mummy and daddy cuddles 🙂 It is a bit of a scary thing to do sometimes when you’ve only experienced the world for 3 weeks. It was wonderful meeting little baby Hadley, and my little one, Chloe was also quite excited to make a new friend! 😀

Baby Fatah – Newborn Shoot


Baby Fatah

I was asked to pop around the corner into Woodcroft to visit little Fatah for a bit of a newborn shoot 🙂 While I was there, we also went for a little bit of a walk to a nearby park to have some shots with the extended family who had travelled all the way from India to visit. The little bub wasn’t too fazed with all the lights and going ons around him while I was taking photos, but really did not like being away from the warmth of a fluffy blanket! The entire family was obviously enamoured with their new addition to their family and it was a joy to be there! 🙂

Baby Ivy – Newborn Shoot


Baby Ivy

I was very happy to meet little baby Ivy for a quick newborn shoot at my home studio recently and the little cutie was a beautiful little model for me! At first she wasnt overly certain about all the flashing lights around her, but she soon calmed down nicely and had a little nap while we took a few photos 🙂 I got to meet little Ivy as I had shot a relative’s wedding in the past at Peacock farm in Willunga! it’s so great doing this job as I get to meet these little cuties along with their lovely parents! Thanks for coming out!


Baby Hasan – Newborn Shoot


Baby Hasan Newborn Shoot

Say hello to Baby Hasan! I was lucky enough to meet this little guy when his parents brought him in for a spot of newborn photos, and some family photos which we took outside in the nearby park. Little Hasan was quite happy to be in front of a camera and all the flashing lights, and the only thing he really didn’t like was being a little cold after a while! Otherwise this little cutie was pleased to sit and pose for me while we took some lovely shots 🙂 We also managed to sneak in his bigger brother later on 🙂