Adelaide City Engagement Photos

Adelaide City Engagement – Kristy & Toby

Kristy and Toby chose me as their wedding photographer at their wedding down at the Beach Huts at Middleton later in the year and they opted to take advantage of my engagement shoot add on. For their engagement shoot, Kristy and Toby wanted to visit the beach huts but were told they weren’t able to due to prior bookings, as a result we headed to the center of Adelaide to take advantage of a more urban scene.

Adelaide City Engagement Photos

We started out behind the Adelaide University, used the footbridge over the Torrens and the super popular pillared walkway as part of the University. I say popular as while I was waiting for Kristy and Toby to arrive, I saw no less than 5 weddings arrive to use the pillars in their own wedding photos. The Adelaide University has been a feature of the Adelaide landscape since 1874 and as such offer some lovely rustic architecture, alongside some more modern scenes.

We then headed over to the old Adelaide Police barracks, located behind and is now part of the Adelaide Museum. The site is such a lovely place, used often for weddings. Toby made a comment about wandering about the city and finding such hidden gems of places, and he couldnt be more truthful in the fact that Adelaide city has so many wonderful hidden places freely open to the public that not many people know about.

The light was fading fast as this time of day, and as such rushed to our next destination which was supposed to be Adelaide Arcade but unfortunately the upper level was locked off, so we instead made use of the darkness with a bit of light painting in the middle of Grenfell st and the intersection of Rundle and Pulteney streets, and of course the symbol of Adelaide, the Mall’s Balls

Finally on the way back we made use of the beautiful night and electric lights along the side of the Torrens river.

I’d like to thank Kristy and Toby for choosing me as their wedding photographer for their Beach Huts wedding in December, and I hope they enjoy their engagement photos while they wait 🙂

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