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Announcing new Photobooth Guestbooks

As I have a wedding coming up on the weekend that’s also taking advantage of my new and improved photobooth, I thought I’d showcase the new photobooth guestbooks I offer as an add-on option. I’m still yet to officially announce my new photobooth, but I could’nt wait to show you these!

I’ve now made two of these, one for my own wedding, and one for the wedding I have coming up. Both are handmade with real wood and felt binding. There are options for the colour of the pages and binding cloth, along with a totally customizable front with dozens of different graphics able to be etched into the cover.

The inside of the SvenStudios photobooth guestbook is ideal for gluing duplicate photostrips on the A4 sized pages along with messages of support from your guests. They make for wonderful keepsakes that force a smile when looking back at the guestbook in the future when combined with the messages of love and joy from your guests alongside the silly wild and wonderful photos taken with the photobooth.

At only an additional $150 for the fully customizable production of these guestbooks, these books are incredible value, especially considering the joy you will experience looking back through it it in years to come!

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