Bridgewater Mill Wedding

Bridgewater Mill Wedding – Anna & Jeremy

It was a very warm day in January when I was lucky enough to cover Anna and Jeremy’s Bridgewater Mill wedding as their wedding photographer. So much so that unfortunately the original plan of holding the ceremony on the newly renovated decking at the Mill was replaced with the indoor area. Thankfully the cloud cover kept much of the heat away and everyone had a wonderful time 🙂

Preparation photos

Anna and Jeremy were prepared in separate rooms of the Manna Hotel in Hahndorf with me starting off with Anna and her bridal party just to say hello before heading over to the boys then heading back to the girls. Both Anna and Jeremy were fairly laid back in the morning, and the nerves were well hidden – but occasionally showed!  The natural happenings during preparation allowed me to capture some wonderfully candid photos of all the participants before heading outside for a bit of a walk around the local area. They both werent overly keen on heading out into the heat, but thankfully I could coerce them as we got some nice shots.

Bridgewater Mill wedding ceremony

The Bridgewater Mill is a historic Flour Mill built in the 1860s to take advantage of  the nearby stream that now runs through a nearby park. This incredible location provides a picturesque backdrop for wedding photos due to it’s old-world charm and unique water wheel which still turns. Unfortunately this wedding season the wheel is cordoned off for renovations, and also as the ceremony was held indoors, I couldn’t get it in any photo :(. That being said though, the area is still an amazing place to walk about and take photos. The ceremony location was lined with a fairly modern looking wood and glass interior which provided a ton of light while still having a homely atmosphere.

Anna and Jeremy opted to have a sand-pouring ceremony, which after a bit of shyness overcoming the flower girl as she walked down the aisle, she joined in happily. It’s always a lovely ceremony to have when joining two families together, particularly with kids involved. The coming together of the three different sands in the same vase represents the impossible nature of separating the family ever again.

Glamour photos

After the ceremony was over, and after I broke out my drone for a few overhead photos, we went for a bit of a walk around the nearby park. The park was quite busy as we had to unfortunately remove a family of frolicking kids playing in the water of the stream to take the photos I wanted, but they were kind enough about it 🙂

The Haus wedding reception

We headed back to Hahndorf for the wedding reception held at The Haus Hahndorf. The Haus is famed for it’s wonderful selection of dishes made from primarily local ingredients.  Anna and Jeremy’s reception was a cocktail/buffet style evening with waiters walking about serving guests with platters of food or drink, along with a nearby self-serve buffet. As they had quite a few ties with the music industry, the DJ’s setup was quite impressive with a number of the guests also bringing their acoustic guitars. The entire evening was a joy to be a part of with all the guests contributing to the wonderfully jovial atmosphere.

I’d like to thank Anna and Jeremy for having me as part of their wedding as their wedding photographer, and I very much hope they enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! 😀

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