Having kids at your wedding

Being a newly minted Dad, and a qualified primary school teacher, I know how it is having young children about, and when thinking about your own wedding day, chances are many of your guests will want to know if they can bring their kids, or if they are close enough to be a part of the bridal party. In my opionion, as a wedding photographer, kids can make for some of the most memoriable moments of your day, however as a Dad I know they can also be a huge pain in the bottocks! Having Kids at your wedding can both be super sute and awesome, while also being super tiring and annoying, really depends on the personalities of all involved when considering if you’d like to have kids at your wedding! I’ve put together a few pros and cons regarding having kids at your wedding!


Awesome Photos!

Kids can be super cute and having them at a wedding can make everyone there just beam with smiles due to how cute they can be! Little suits on boys, flower girl dresses on little girls, they make for great moments in time and therefore amazing photos to treasure forever more. It can also make any otherwise (too) playful kids to feel important and have a job as part of the wedding.

Gets people on the dance floor

If you have the type of family who may not be super keen on the whole dance floor idea, just have a couple of kids at the reception and you’ll be sure to have it utlised! Kid’s confidence in dancing have not yet been smirched by years of embarresment yet, so they’ll be sure to jump up and dance their little hearts out and hopefully pull others up too!

Child like awe

Theres nothing like seeing a child all dressed up and excited to be a part of something as special as a wedding. Having kids at your wedding brings a sense of awe and childlike wonder to your day, Children have a way of making everything more fun, as this day will be a special one for them too! They have probably told their whole school and counted down the days; you can’t help but smile with them as you share their excitement.


Kids can be noisy

Unfortunately kids dont always know when to keep their mouths shut, or when to stand still and not bang those toys against the pews. There will be occasions where a baby will be crying, or otherwaise being distracting. Hopefully its not as you exchange your vows!

Higher costs

Accomodating for kids on a day that’s already quite expensive can make the day that much more expensive. You may need to shell out for entertainment, perhaps a nanny, or games to keep them busy, and you will also need to feed them which adds to the guest list. This is probably the biggest reason why some people disallow kids at their wedding!

Need to keep things PG

There wont be any dirty dancing, loud music or drinking as it’d be a bad influence and traumitising to fragile little minds. So if you’re planning that type of wedding, you may wish to reconsider having kids at your wedding.

Some things to think about

I was kindly sent this funky infographic detailing some things to think about when considering having kids at your wedding from people at the Wedding Band Shop. Have a bit of a read and hopefulyl it’ll help you make a decision!

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