Mt Osmond Golf Course Wedding - Ash & Brad

Mt Osmond Golf Course Wedding – Ash & Brad

It was an absolutely stunning day for Ash and Brad’s Mt Osmond Golf Course Wedding at be beginning of November! Despite having rained in the morning, the rest of the day turned out to have the most magnificent weather and really was the perfect example of the saying that rain on your wedding day is good luck! The day was full of family fun, awesome people and the most amazing flower guy ever! I was asked to be their wedding photographer for the entire day and it turned out to be a fantastic day!


I started the day as I usually do with Brad and his groomsmen after having set up their photo booth at the Mt Osmond Golf Course. The boys weren’t too far away in Bellevue Heights and when I arrived it was obvious to me that the entire day was going to be wonderfully laid back as the banter between the boys made for some good fun while everyone got ready. Brad’s Mum was on hand to help tie everyone’s tie and pin the flowers on suit lapels, while I was also introduced to the ‘flower guy’ which I initially thought was a joke due to the floral design of his shirt – but it turned out he was, in every way the ‘flower guy’.

Ash and her bridal party were being prepared at a delightful property owned by her parents where they also host a bed and breakfast. As a result the gardens and general design of the house really lent it’s self really well to some stunning vistas perfect for bridal party preparation photos! Much like the boys the atmosphere was fairly laid back, with Mum and Dad on hand to help out, while the cuteness quota was filled by a delightful little bubba who was floating about 🙂 I had a bunch of fun using the delightful gardens for photos with Ash before heading off for the ceremony.


Mt Osmond Golf Course Wedding Ceremony

Hosting a Mt Osmond Gold Course wedding means that you’re privvy to a wonderful vista of the entire Adelaide skyline, while also making the most of the wonderful backdrop of well manicured lawns and beautiful gum trees lining the golf course’s fairways. Mt Osmond Golf Course wedding cermeonies take place nearby the main practise putting green next to the club house on a large patch of grass with the sun positioned directly behind the heads of the bride and groom. This is fantastic for photographers as it means there no horrible shadows on faces, but it might be less great for guests as they tend to look straight into the sun – but thats only a problem if its a ater ceremony, which Ash and Brad’s was not.

The ceremony itself started off with raucous laughter as the delightful ‘flower guy’ came prancing down the hill completely dedicated to his role in throwing flower petals about the pace in the most flamboyant way. I even managed to get a fist full thrown at me while I was taking photos 🙂 The sight of the ‘flower guy’ doing his thing really lightened the mood for everybody which set the scene for a delightful wedding cermeony full of laughter and inside jokes.

Glamour Photos

After having the family photos done, we hopped on some golf carts and zoomed to the end of the Mt Osmond Golf Club for some photos with the Adelaide skyline in the background. Launching the drone up on top fo the mountain made for some lovely views of the entire course! We head back out from the reception for some shots with the sun set also, which is another great thing about having a Mt Osmond Golf Club Wedding as the sunset seeps through the gum trees in the most delightful way for silhouette shots!

Mt Osmond Golf Course Wedding Reception

With my photobooth running red hot all night, and the jovial nature of Ash and Brad’s guests, their Mt Osmond Golf Course Wedding Reception was rocking all night long with emotional speeches, dancing, live music and great food! The biggest laughter would probably have to be when Brad and his groomsmen pulled their pants down for a coordinated display of their matching underwear during Eagle Rock!

I’d like to thank Ash and Brad for having me photogaph their big day. It was an awesome night to be a part of, tonnes of fun and I hope you enjoy your photos!