Winner of the 2020 Wedding Photo of the year! 1

Winner of the 2020 Wedding Photo of the year!


Winner of the 2020 Wedding Photo of the year!

I’d like to thank once again all my couples I covered as their wedding photographer in 2019, and all those who submitted their favourite photo for my little annual wedding photo of the year contest! It’s always a little bit of fun to run this contest each year as I get to reconnect with all the couples I spent their wedding day with throughout this contest and find out which of the photos I took were their favourite. This in turn helps me in the future to be a better photographer!

So without further ado, here is the winner of the 2020 Wedding Photo of the year with 100 votes!

Congratulations Leah and Jarron in receiving the most votes on their favourite photo from their wedding at Kuitpo Hall. I’ll get in contact soon to discuss details of your prize of a large framed print! They were lagging the photo from Hailey & Brad’s big day at Al-Ru Farm for quite a while, but a surge of Leah and Jarron voters last night put them over the line in a frantic finish hailey and Brad ended with 67 votes! There were also quite a few voters for Astrid and Corey and Chelsea and Nathan online last night, but unfortunately not enough 🙁 Chelsea and Nathan’s wedding at St Francis Winery came in third place with 55 votes.

In all, this year’s contest, with 22 weddings entering recieved a total of 581 votes which is more than any of the previous 4 years in which I have run this contest, so that is an awesome turnout! Hopefully there will be even more in next year’s edition – providing of course I get out and shoot more weddings this year! There were a significant number more in total votes, however some people like to think I can’t detect those of you who try to vote twice or more by using different devices, emails addresses, etc 🙂

Winner of the $100 cash prize for voting

I also like to give away $100 cash to a random voter simply for casting their vote, so if your name is the one below, check your emails as I’ve sent you an email asking for your bank account details 🙂

Jasmine P.

Once again thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who won! 😀 Looking forward to when the world returns to normal after all this COVID-19 stuff :/

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