Winner of my little contest and I’m off to Darwin

Over the past few weeks I was running a bit of an instagram-based contest to celebrate surpassing 10,000 followers on the platform. To enter and be a winner of a photoshoot worth $400 all you had to do is pick out your favourite photo I had posted on my instagram feed and repost it on your own. The winner of my little contest was @Bossthebullmastiff! This lucky pooch will soon be running about in front of my camera for a bit of a shoot 🙂

Thanks goes out to all the other entries I recieved! my follower count is now over 12,000! Instagram has proven to be quite a neat little vehicle for advertising my photography across the world, having booked a photoshoot in Darwin I’m heading off to tomorrow, and a wedding in Greece next year! I’d love for you to give me a cheeky follow too by clicking ‘follow’ below. 🙂

Just a heads up also, I’m very keen on expanding more into the wedding photography scene in Darwin, and I recently launched my Darwin Wedding Photography webpage to better broadcast my willingness to be competitive up there, and offer some awesome wedding photography!

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