SA ABIA 2020 Wedding Awards Results

SA ABIA 2020 Wedding Awards

On the 9th of December, the SA ABIA 2020 Wedding Awards were announced, and I’m happy to say SvenStudios has once again come out as one of the best wedding suppliers in South Australia! SvenStudios has come runner up in both the wedding photography and photobooth supplier categories, meaning that as judged by our delightful bridal couples throughout the last year – we were just pipped at the post in attaining the title of wedding phtogroapher and photobooth supplier of the year!

The ABIA awards are a nationally-run organisation that give awards to wedding vendors a little differently than many other awards organisations. As a photographer I tend to take the AIPP photography awards quite seriously as that organisation awards the technical prowess of a photographer in capturing a scene – where as ABIA awards wedding vendors based directly on the feedback of a business’ every day clients.

One is judged by professionals based on technical ability, where as the other is based on the personal experience that a client has had directly with the business.

As a result my previous year’s wedded couples rated their customer satisfaction with me at a whopping 99.8% which has ranked me as the runner-up at the SA ABIA 2020 Wedding Awards. I’ts a little bit dissapointing to miss out on top spot by such a small margin, but that’s just the way it goes I guess!

Thank you so much to all my wedded couples who took the time to register their recommendation and reviews! It always helps out a lot!

Two Bright Lights 2020 Editors Choice Award Winner

Two Bright Lights 2020 Editors Choice Award Winner

I like to be in the habit of helping all the wedding vendors involved with the weddings I cover as a wedding photographer, and as such I like to share some of the photos I take with them. Much of the time vendors like makeup artists, or dress designers never get to see the fruits of their labour, as they arent usually on site when the ‘magic happens’ on a wedding day. So I like to share my photos with them! One way I do this is through Two Bright Lights which is a distribution network for wedding photographers to submit and share their work with vendors and wedding blogs worldwide.

I’m happy to announce that I have been awarded a 2020 editors choice award through Two Bright Lights for being consistantly published on wedding blogs aorund the world with my work.

Some of my published weddings

Kerri & Tony’s wedding in Santorini

Covering Kerri and Tony’s wedding on the Greek Island of Santorini would have to be a highlight of my wedding photography career so far, and the media seem to love it also. Their wedding has been published on multiple online blogs, including Polkadot Bride and Easy Weddings.

Lucy and Callum’s Uniting Church wedding

Lucy and Callum’s wedding at the Golden Grove Uniting Church has garnered some attention in wedding magazines in the past due to their photos we took in the rather horrible weather they had on their day. Their wedding was published in the Layers of Luxe wedding magazine as a feature last October.

Libby and Simon’s Chateau Tanunda Wedding

Libby and Simon’s wedding at Chateau Tanunda was picked up by the Brides and Weddings Magazine, Tacari Weddings and Every Bride due largely in part to the fact they travelled from the United States to have their wedding here in South Australia, and also because their photos turned out gorgeous!

Emily and Angel’s Sailing Club Wedding

Emily and Angel held their wedding at the intimate Cruising Yacht Club of SA and has been picked up by the prestigious LTBG wedding blog Equally Wed. Which was really cool as it was the first same sex wedding I had covered since the Australian plebicite on same sex marriages. 🙂 They were also featured in the Gay Weddings Magazine.

Jane and David’s Engagement and Wedding

Jane and David held their wedding at the St Mary’s Cathedral in Darwin and has been published in the Trends Wedding and Lifestyle Magazine, but the really exciting one that was published was their engagement on the Tiwi Islands where there were living. Their engagement shoot was picked up by the How they Asked blog which are curated by the prestigious ‘The knot’ wedding blog.

Leah & Jarron’s Wedding at Kuitpo Hall

Leah and Jarron;s Kuitpo Hall wedding was picked up by the rather large wedding blog Rustic Wedding Chic due to the incredible photos we got in the nearby Kuitpo Forrest as the sun was setting.

Kelli and Ben’s Ekhidna Winery Wedding

Kelli and Ben’s Ekhidna Winery wedding turned out to be a wonderful wedding, not just for their photos but also due to the number of bridal couples who have cited their wedding as the reason why they’d want me to be their wedding photographer! 🙂 Their wedding has been published on Tacari weddings and Everybride.

This list is far from an exhaustive list of weddings I’ve covered being published around the internet, but are the first that comes to mind when thinking of this 2020 Editors Choice Award and where they are 🙂 It’s rather excitingt o have my photos published aorund the world in large wedding blogs like these, and it’s also a bit of fun for my wedding couples to have a little bit of fame out there! 😀 but these are examples of the published weddings that have helped me become a Two Bright Lights 2020 Editors Choice Award Winner!

Winner of the 2020 Wedding Photo of the year!


Winner of the 2020 Wedding Photo of the year!

I’d like to thank once again all my couples I covered as their wedding photographer in 2019, and all those who submitted their favourite photo for my little annual wedding photo of the year contest! It’s always a little bit of fun to run this contest each year as I get to reconnect with all the couples I spent their wedding day with throughout this contest and find out which of the photos I took were their favourite. This in turn helps me in the future to be a better photographer!

So without further ado, here is the winner of the 2020 Wedding Photo of the year with 100 votes!

Congratulations Leah and Jarron in receiving the most votes on their favourite photo from their wedding at Kuitpo Hall. I’ll get in contact soon to discuss details of your prize of a large framed print! They were lagging the photo from Hailey & Brad’s big day at Al-Ru Farm for quite a while, but a surge of Leah and Jarron voters last night put them over the line in a frantic finish hailey and Brad ended with 67 votes! There were also quite a few voters for Astrid and Corey and Chelsea and Nathan online last night, but unfortunately not enough 🙁 Chelsea and Nathan’s wedding at St Francis Winery came in third place with 55 votes.

In all, this year’s contest, with 22 weddings entering recieved a total of 581 votes which is more than any of the previous 4 years in which I have run this contest, so that is an awesome turnout! Hopefully there will be even more in next year’s edition – providing of course I get out and shoot more weddings this year! There were a significant number more in total votes, however some people like to think I can’t detect those of you who try to vote twice or more by using different devices, emails addresses, etc 🙂

Winner of the $100 cash prize for voting

I also like to give away $100 cash to a random voter simply for casting their vote, so if your name is the one below, check your emails as I’ve sent you an email asking for your bank account details 🙂

Jasmine P.

Once again thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who won! 😀 Looking forward to when the world returns to normal after all this COVID-19 stuff :/

Vote for the 2020 Wedding Photo of the year!

I’m very excited to announce that if you’re reading this that means that you are now able to vote for the 2020 wedding photo of the year! Each year I run the SvenStudios photo of the year contest as a thankyou for all of my previous year’s wedded couples by asking them which out of all the photos I took on their big day was their favourite and I put them all together for a vote online. The couple’s photo with the most votes by the end of the contest period will win a large framed print of either their favourite photo, or another of their choosing if they have already had it printed.

Vote for the 2020 Wedding Photo of the year!

Voting is now open from the 7th of March through to the 11th of April 2020 with the winning image being that which has the most votes by midnight April 11th. Voting is now closed though and you can see the winners here! The winner of the voter prize of $100 will be drawn randomly from all eligible votes and emailed about accepting their prize. All voters are limited to a single vote throughout the voting period. I’ve put in place a lot of anti cheating procedures so that duplicate votes are recorded and removed from the tally in a number of different ways.

It’s always interesting to me what others see in my photography, which is one reason why I run this little contest. The photos that have been chosen by my couples do not necessarily represent my own choices as my favourite photos from my weddings. To represent that I usually put together a little video about what I feel are the best 🙂 That said however I dont shoot for myself! It’s all about what my couples see and value in my work!

Of the 37 weddings I covered in 2019, I’ve had 20 couples get back to me with their favourite photos for this contest. If you’re reading this and you are one of the couples that have not got back to me, or know of a couple that I have photographed and arent in the draw, get in contact wth me and I’ll add your favourite photo to the vote – Just as long as it’s before the end date of the 11th of April.

Get on it and vote! Well you can’t now as the conest is over 🙁 It only takes a few seconds and you could come away with $100 cash! Even though you only have a single vote to give you are still able to help the photo you voted for win by using the sharing buttons to share your photo on your social media in order to get others to vote too! Although it’s not needed to win, the majority of the winning photos in previous contests have also had the most shares, so share it to your facebook and twitter!

The 2020 Wedding Photo of the year contestants!