star wars wedding photography

Star Wars Wedding Photography


Star Wars Wedding Photography

Over the years I’ve been asked to photoshop in different Star Wars themed additions to wedding photos. I’ve been asked to add different things to my photos in the past, including dinosaurs, zombies and even giant gummy bears, but scenes from Star Wars tends to be one of the most popular ‘additions’ to wedding photography. Star Wars wedding photogrpahy isnt just about the photoshop skill of the photographer, it also needs a bit of ‘action’ played out by the couple in their photographs 🙂

As it’s May the 4th today – a play on words pun from the famed ‘May the Force be with you’ line fromt he series, I figured it’d be a little bit of fun to go back over some of the Star Wars wedding photography I’ve put together over the years.

The first being what is still my absolute favourite Star Wars wedding photo Ive ever put together. Rebecca and Simon’s Auchendarroch house wedding took place way back in 2016 but people still ask to have me as their wedding photographer based soley on this single image I put together for them. It just works so well witht he towering AT-AT walkers moving away from the carnage they presumably laid down in their wake before coming to crush the house and the wedding party. Classic 🙂

The next is Chloe and Alex’s Edwardstown Baptist Church wedding where I was asked to photoshop in lightsabers for each of the bridal party as if they were attacking the bride and groom. Just a little bit of fun here, lightsabers are super easy to photoshop into a photograph but it’s the making the whole aesthetic darker than usual thats the tricky bit 🙂

You might recgnise the AT-AT walkers in this shot I put together for Michelle and Ryan’s Woodstock winery wedding. They are the same models I used in Rebecca and Simon’s. Maninly because they are a high resolution version of the walkers and easy to gain a stock license to use! As far as the pose go, if you ever do a search fro Star Wars wedding photography, you’ll notice that this is a popular pose in many of the results that come up. Michelle and Ryan had seen something like it in the past and asked for it to be replicated on their wedding day 🙂

Angela and Josh’s Star wars wedding photography shot at their wedding at St Francis winery was a bit of a silly one to do as Josh’s pride and joy car was on the grass there and I figured I’d have it blown up by the AT-AT walker in the background 🙂

Have some Star Wars Wedding Photography done at your wedding!

I’m pretty sure I’ve done more Star Wars wedding photogrpahy in the past, but it may have been older than this site! Putting together these shots in phtooshop is quite a bit of fun, so if you want something as cheesy as these photos from your wedding day, feel free to ask for something like it. Doesnt have to be a Star Wars themed shot, it could also be giant dinosaurs, or maybe a Kraken leaping out fo the water? I don’t know :). These sorts of photos, as cheesy as they are really make a smile creep onto your face years down the track when you’re looking over your wedding photography.

Happy May the 4th everyone, and stay safe out there!

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