I love heading to the Willunga Peacock Farm as a wedding photographer. The venue has a stunning variety of lovely backdrops to use in photographs, and this is precisely what I drew upon at Aubrey and Darcy’s wedding. They had me as their wedding photographer for 7 hours which saw me at their wedding ceremony through to after their first dance at their reception venue out at the One Paddock Winery at Currency Creek.

Willunga Peacock Farm Wedding Ceremony

As usual I arrived a little early to the Willunga Peacock Farm so I was able to wander about capturing some shots of Aubrey and Darcy’s guests as they arrived in the beautiful Autumnal sunshine.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the centerpiece of the venue – the pond – was full of water as last time I covered a wedding here it was unfortunately dry. Their wedding ceremony was set up on the grassy area next to the pond which allowed for a lovely backdrop to the entire scene.

The Willunga Peacock Farm is an all-in-one wedding venue that is built around an organic, completely self sustaining farm. The venue boasts a rustic reception hall set within a covered veranda connected to a heritage listed farmhouse built in the 1800s. Theres also a bed and breakfast and gardens on site suitable for wonderful wedding photography.

After the ceremony I gathered everyone together to take an aerial photo with my drone which has become one of the most popular aspects of my wedding photography service.

Willunga Peacock Farm Glamour Photos

Walking about the Willunga Peacock Farm’s gardens and surrounding historic buildings is a wonderful experience, especially as a wedding photographer. The scenery lends itself well to the kind of natural wedding photography I’m known for. During May, the sun was setting quite early in the day which was fantastic as I managed to capture it in the most beautiful way in the backdrop of many of the photos.

One Paddock Winery Wedding Reception

The One Paddock Winery down in Currency Creek was a bit of a drive away from the Willunga Peacock Farm, so by the time we arrived for the wedding reception, it had already turned dark. Once I arrived the guests were enjoying themselves in the lobby having a wonderful time chatting and having a few drinks. The wedding reception itself took place in the large reception hall they have decorated with winery paraphernalia such as wine barrels and plenty of rustic metal and wooden decor. It’s a beautiful, homely venue which suited Aubrey and Darcy’s wonderfully personal and intimate wedding day.

Thanks to Aubrey and Darcy for having me capture their wedding photography!

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