Mt Lofty House Couple's Shoot

Mt Lofty House Couple’s Shoot – Zoe & Shannon


Mt Lofty House Couple’s Shoot

It was a delightfully sunny day for Zoe and Shannon’s Mt Lofty House Couple’s shoot where we wandered about the grounds of Mt Lofty House and a bit of the nearby Botanic Gardens on the anniversary of when they first met 🙂 It was a lovely tradition it looks like they’ve begun for their anniversary and I was delighted to be a part of it!

The unfortunate thing about the day was that a bit of the grounds of Mt Lofty House was under construction so I couldnt use all of the wonderful gardens and sights available, but we made do as much as we could. The sun was quite intense at times, but it made walking about outside all the more comfortable and certainly not as cold as it can be on top of the hill!

We began outside nearby the vine-encrusted coach house to use the lovely textures the vines and brickwork make, but standing out in the sun diddnt make for the most flattering shadows, so we moved inside to use the library and front door of Mt Lofty House. The house is always a great backdrop for some lovely, classy and moody portraits.

The garden was our next stop, wandering around while I was trying to replicate a couple of shots Zoe had given me as inspiration, before heading off to the upper entrance to the Botanic Park where we finished off.

Thanks go out to Zoe and Shannon for having me capture their love!

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