Botanic Park Wedding - Rose & Simon

Botanic Park Wedding – Rose & Simon

Rose and Simon chose to hold their wedding in the wonderful surrounds of the Adelaide Botanic Park – right next to the gates of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. The appeal of the Botanic park is that it’s wide and open, complete with magnificent Moreton Bay Fig trees that provide for marvellous backdrops to photos. It was a lovely sunny day, which unfortunately meant that plenty of other people had the same idea to head to the Botanic Park for picnics and family gatherings, but we worked around it as best we could 🙂


Simon was being prepared in a room in the Holiday Inn Express Hotel, on Hindley street, which allowed us to go for a little walk once all the boys were dressed along Hindley and also the front of Parliament house for some photos. I think the walk was a little theraputic for Simon, to get over his nerves a little better, and loosen him up a bit for his big day 🙂

Rose and her bridal party was being prepared at their house north of the city. When I arrived the first thing I saw was an enourmous cheese and finger food platter that I was amazed to hear that Rose had just ‘whipped up’ for the occasion. It was honestly very impressive! The atmosphere was fairly jovial, with not too many nerves showing, all the girls were in good spirits!


Botanic Park Wedding Ceremony

Due to the fact that the Botanic Park had become a fairly popular spot on their day, unfortunately they had to make the snap decision to set up their ceremony in a different position so as to not get any picnicing families in the background of their photos. This also meant that the glaring sun was right in front of them for their whole ceremony, which wasnt ideal – but other than that their ceremony went off very well with Rose’s son walking her down the aisle and emotion showing on Simon’s face 🙂

Botanic Park Glamour Photos

Rose had unfortunately hurt her foot a few weeks prior to their wedding day so as it was encased in a moonboot under her dress, I was mindful of the fact that she wouldn’t want to walk too far for photos, so we made use of the Moreton Bay fig trees directly surrounding where they held their ceremony, and it also allowed Rose and Simon to maintain social contact with their guests while we were taking photos. The group family photos were also quite easy to organise because of this. We diddn’t spend too long walking about for photos – just enough time to grab a few nice shots before heading back to the expresso martini van they had set up for their guests! On the way back tot he Intercontinental Hotel for their wedding reception, we stopped off at the famed pillared walkway in the Adelaide University for a few photos there too.

Intercontinental Hotel Wedding Reception

The main ballroom within the Adelaide Intercontinental Hotel was the setting for Rose and Simon’s opulent wedding reception, with an incredible vista set up for their huge wedding cake! Their head table was backdropped with a lovely white sheet sparkling with led lights, while their table settings were complete with a little bottle of port for each guest. With a live band playing, and a laid back atmosphere, the night was fun to be a part of and the jovial guests made my job easy 🙂

Thanks go out to Rose and Simon for having me on their special day and I hope they enjoy their photos! Was a great day to be a part of 😀