AlRu Farm Wedding - Rachael & Jason

AlRu Farm Wedding – Rachael & Jason


Rachael and Jason went on a week long road trip from Perth with their little fur babies in order to hold their wedding at the stunning AlRu Farm in Northern Adelaide. It’s little wonder why as, combined witht he stunning surrounds fo AlRu Farm and the amazing weather they enjoyed on their day – the whole setting was stunning and made for a wonderful day! I was asked to be their wedding photographer for their day, along with providing my photobooth that was set up for their reception.


Both Rachael and Jason were prepared on site at AlRu farm, in the cute little self-contained cottage on site, nestled in amongst the wonderful gardens and wild flowers that were sprouting this time of year. Jason and his groomsmen however had a much shorter amount of time to get ready as they had to juggle puttin finishing touches on their decorations around the venue, and the fact that Rachael and her bridal party were expecting to find the cottage unused and ready for them to get ready.

As I mentioned previously, Rachael andJason brought their little fur babies along with them for their day, so they were present while Rachael was getting ready, trying to catch the ducks and generally just being little puppies. They were an integral part of Rachael and Jason’s day being their ring bearers during their ceremony, along with taking pride of place as a large printed photo near their head table during the reception.

Rachael and her bridal party had a very relaxing preparation, with little to no nerves showing, and everyone just laughing and having a great time right up until the ceremony.


AlRu Farm Wedding Ceremony

AlRu farm has a small, purpose built little grassed area, flanked on all sides by lush vegetation suitable for wedding ceremonies, which is where Rachale and Jason chose to hold their own ceremony. The sun was floating in and out of cloud cover all the while during the ceremony, which made it tricky for me  – but made for quite a diverse range of photos.

Their cermeony was short and sweet, punctuated by heartfelt personalised vows, and of course their little puppies running in and being cute while carrying their wedding rings.

Glamour Photos

For glamour photos, as one might expect when having a wedding at the stunning AlRu farm, we utilised the beautiful gardens for their glamour photos! The gardens on site are pretty much purpose built for wedding photos, with a range of different scenery that just makes taking wedding photography a breeze. Was just a shame we head out a little too late in the evening to catch the sunset over the lake, but we certainly made use of the greenhouse at night, where I lit it up with portable lights and made a stunning scene!

AlRu Farm Wedding Reception

The AlRu farm reception hall on site was where Rachael and Jason chose to hold their wedding reception, decorated all over by personal touches put there by Jason and his groomsmen prior to the day beginning. The hall itself is an old barn-type building, probably used back in the day for storing hay, or processing something, but these days it’s lined with mirrors and makes for a beautifully rustic backdrop for a wedding reception.

The highlight of the night for me was certainly witnessing what would have to be the best coreographed first dance I had seen in a while, which I’m sure Rachel and Jason practiced for months beforehand! They also held a shoe game, and the dance floor was filled all night by guests all having a great time!

Rachel and Jason’s AlRu Farm wedding was a blast to be a part of, I had a great time and I hope they enjoy their photos! 😀

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