Chloe's Midwinter Photoshoot

Chloe’s Midwinter Photoshoot


Chloe’s Midwinter Photoshoot

Seeing as we have all been stuck around home, or nearby for walks, I wanted to take a bit of a break on editing weddings and went for a walk with my little girl, Chloe for a bit of family photography. You’ve seen Chloe about in previous a previous cake smashing photoshoot for fir first birthday! Now she’s over two and enjoys jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

Her grandparents had also asked for some new photos of her to put up around their house, so I made use of the wonderful light this time of year brings and had her run about in the long grass. The idea of going to get a baby chino and apricot slice from her favourite cafe nearby was enough of a reason to have a big smile on her face.

Chloe ran off at one point on our walk to go explore herself and almost crawled up a nearby storm water drain, which was very cute – but I had to stop her doing that. Fortunately nearby there was a normally very dry pond that was quite full of water which made for some great shots. Having a midwinter photoshoot done really allows for the use of this kind of scene that is much more difficult to putt off during the summer, and better weather. You can also show off some of the winter fashion your toddler, or yourself is sporting!

Adventure Midwinter Photoshoot

I thought that some of the photos we took while we were running through muddy puddles made Chloe look determined as if we were on a quest, so the next logical thing to do in my situation was of course to photoshop in a sword and shield. It’s fun to contrast this darker themed adventure photo to a lighter, happy-go-lucky shot!

A midwinter photoshoot like this really allows for some perfect light to come through trees like this and create a beautiful soft tone that can be used in both instances! If you’d be keen on having your own shots like this done for your toddler, or even for youself, be sure to get in contact and we can certainly work something out!

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