3 Reasons to Have an Engagement Photoshoot 1

3 Reasons to Have an Engagement Photoshoot


Why have an Engagement Photoshoot?

Hiring a professional photographer is essential to modern weddings. It’s an art that captures special moments – from the blushing bride’s walk down the aisle, the bittersweet dance between father and daughter, to everything in between. One aspect of a couple’s relationship that is overlooked on a wedding day however is the pure, unfiltered love that you show to one another outside of such a formal occasion – which is where an engagement photoshoot steps in.

Wedding photography is a widely common practice, but having an engagement photoshoot is steadily gaining the spotlight as it offers a sneak peek into the couple’s love story leading up to the big day. Couples shoots can be a lot of fun too!

It’s easy to think that an engagement photoshoot only adds to your expenses, and isnt really needed, but the list below explores the reasons every couple should say “I do” to it.

3 Reasons to Have an Engagement Photoshoot

Benefit #1: Establish Trust and Familiarity

You may have hired a photographer that matches your style, but there’s nothing more effective than putting your chemistry together to the test. An engagement photoshoot can reduce your jitters and make you feel more comfortable in front of the lens, allowing both parties to understand each other’s best and worst angles and what each other would be comfortable with.

It helps reveal any instances that make the bride or groom uncomfortable, allowing the photographer to ensure you can smile confidently and capture it easily on your wedding day. Not to mention, feeling relaxed can go a long way in creating natural-looking shots that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Benefit #2: Provides an Opportunity to Do a Make-Up Trial

Your dream hair-do and make-up may look stunning behind a mirror, but it’s possible to capture something you may not have noticed when in front of a camera, and Photoshop only helps so much. With that in mind, having a pre-wedding engagement photoshoot gives room for you to experiment with your look.

Benefit #3: Makes For a Unique Save the Date, or invitations

Pre-wedding photography not only provides an opportunity to do trial runs, but you can also use it to add a more intimate and quirky touch to your Save the Date cards and/or invitations. Attaching a snapshot of the happy couple can be exciting and gives it a more personalized approach, making it a memento to keep as your friends and family anticipate the special day.

If you’re planning on placing a photo of the two of you on either a save the date or your invitiations, please dont resort to a shot you took on your phone! Invest in an engagement photoshoot for much better results!


The best wedding photography is one that is filled with special moments that capture the intense emotions of your big day. Engagement photography gives you some time to break down your awkwardness, allowing you to embrace candidness and celebrate your love together without any limitations. Can be a great date idea too! 😀

Don’t be afraid to opt to have a destination photoshoot either, as this would allow for you to make use of some incredible scenery, while not having to pay for an entire destination wedding!

If you’re looking to capture the beautiful moments leading up to your special day, I offer great deals on engagement photoshoots, both locally and around Australia! We’re the best wedding photographers in Australia to ask, so get in touch with us now!



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