Keep Your Baby Safe During Photoshoots

4 Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe During Photoshoots


Keep Your Baby Safe During Photoshoots

The birth of a newborn is always an exciting time, especially for the parents. With their tiny hands, feet, and toes, babies have a way of bringing joy and happiness to anyone. As a parent, these feelings are meant to be treasured and never forgotten. However, since babies grow surprisingly quickly, you would want a way to easily store these memories forever.

Our answer to you is with newborn photography. More specifically, you can have your family together for photos that you cherish for a lifetime.

That said, you must keep your baby safe during photoshoots as a top priority. This means that during the shoot, the baby must be safe and cared for at all times.

Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe During Photoshoots

To make sure that you keep your baby baby safe during photoshoots, here are some things you must do:

  1. Keep them warm or cool

Babies cannot regulate their body temperature properly. For this reason, if they are placed in a room that is too cold, their temperature will drop. Also, if they are in a room that is too hot, they will feel hot quickly.

To ensure that your baby stays at a comfortable temperature and that they do not start crying, make sure that the room you are taking your photos in has the temperature controlled. Or if taking photos outside, simply make sure you have ample clothing or coverings available.

As a precaution, learn of the symptoms and signs a baby will show if they are too cold or hot so that you can then take the appropriate action when these signs show up.

  1. Do not hold them too tightly

As a parent, you might unknowingly hold your baby tightly in an attempt to keep your baby safe during photoshoots. having a photoshoot done can be quite annatural for a lot of people and this is simply a natural thing to overcompensate doing. This, unfortunately, can hurt the baby since it can stop blood from properly circulating throughout their body.

With this in mind, ensure that you are not accidentally pinching any part of the baby’s body. Try to regularly shift positions, as keeping a baby in one position for too long might block blood from reaching certain areas of their body.

  1. Maintain a clear airway

Sometimes, when your baby’s head is in a particular position, their airways might be constricted. They will not be able to tell you that they cannot breathe, so it is always vital that you make sure the baby’s head is positioned correctly. Also, if you are wrapping your arms around the baby, do not press around their neck too tightly.

  1. Talk with the photographer

Ensuring that your baby is safe does not only fall on your hands but the photographer’s as well. They, too, must ensure that your baby is comfortable and can breathe properly.

You should always check that your photographer has a current working with children check issued by the government, as it’s a legal obligation in Australia to do so. While also checking if they are specially trained for working with children.

Because of this, when you choose a photographer, have a chat with them first. Talk about some of your concerns regarding your baby and speak up during the actual session if you experience anything you’re not comfortable with.

Quickly sidestepping into my own personal case – I happen to be a registered teacher in South Australia with special training in working with young children.

Remember, safety is always the priority, especially for your baby. Before you go for a photo-taking session, always be prepared. This can mean either packing up some food for the child or bringing in extra clothes in case the venue is cold. Just try to think of any contingency to keep your baby safe during photoshoots!

Never forget to have a chat with the photographer beforehand. Ensure that he or she knows of your concerns and that you are entirely comfortable working with them. Otherwise, look for someone else you can trust who has more experience working with babies.

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