memorable wedding photo booth experience

3 Tips to Having a Memorable Wedding Photo Booth Experience


Having a Memorable Wedding Photo Booth Experience

Wedding days are truly special occasions, especially when it’s you and your significant other’s turn. That’s why having a photo booth is important to have during the reception to capture the happy faces and heartfelt messages of your guests without the shyness some people feel in front of your actual wedding phtoographer. But what exactly can make your photo booth truly memorable?

This article will discuss three practical tips to make certain that you can look back at your wedding day and say you and your guests had a memorable wedding photo booth experience. Take this as an opportunity to plan for your big day well by looking into the important services. This way, you and your future spouse can look forward to the success and excitement of your wedding!

3 Tips to Having a Memorable Wedding Photo Booth Experience

1. Ensure the setup, management, and removal are all taken care of

You definitely don’t want to be stressed on your special day, meaning you don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up and repacking the photo booth. After all, it’s your wedding day, and your first moments as a newly married couple should be spent in celebration. You also don’t want to burden your guests with these tasks.

As such, find a wedding photo booth provider that will set up, manage, and pack up the photo booth for you. Doing this lets you have one less thing to worry about and focus more on making wonderful memories with your guests. You may even have the chance to join them at the photo booth!

What I tend to do at weddings with my own photo booth is set up at the venue prior to heading to the groom’s place of preparation – that way it’s ready to go as soon as the reception starts. Then I just pack it up at the end of the night.

2. Designate a time in the program for pictures and socialising

You can have the best wedding photo booth in the world, but it can all go to waste if there’s not enough time during the reception for picture taking. It will just be a huge inconvenience for you and your guests, plus you will just be wasting money. That’s why it’s recommended to at least have some time dedicated to the photo booth and other wedding festivities.

To ensure everyone has time to try the booth, you should count the number of guests attending and the duration of your reception. All you need to do is have a portion of your reception not dedicated to anything else – it doesnt have to be ‘NOW EVERYONE TO THE PHOTOBOOTH!’ Just a time where there are no speeches, meals being served and whatnot. Also make sure everyone knows it’s there by asking your MC to mention that you’d like everyoneo use it!

This way, everyone can come home with their own photos to remember your special day!

3. Ask the photo booth provider how guests will receive pictures

The standard function of every photo booth is to offer patrons a chance to take photos with their friends and family and print them out as their keepsakes. There are even times when you can get the digital copy of the photos afterwards, allowing you and your group to download them and post them on social media.

All these expectations may be something you and your guests want from your wedding photo booth. So make sure to ask your provider how everyone will receive their photos. Ideally, you want something that they can print out and also download online to ensure they can get their memorabilia!

Generally my own photobooth will take 4 photos of the guests and print out a strip in duplicate. The idea beaing that one guests can keep as a keepsake from your wedding, and the other gets stuck into a photobooth guestbook or put into the wishing well.

Having a photo booth at your wedding can be a meaningful way for your guests to interact with one another and have a good time. You can now make the experience more memorable as long as you remember all the previously mentioned tips to having a mamorable wedding photo booth experience. So start your planning phase and book all the necessary services to ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day!

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