Little Para Linear Park Couples Shoot – Helen & David

I had a bit of fun heading out to Salisbury to the delightful; little Little para Linear park to meet Helen and David who’s daughter had previously purchased them a gift certificate redeemable for a bit of a couple’s shoot!.

Apparently Helen and David hadn’t had any professional photos done of them since their wedding day, and even then it was just a friend who happened to have a camera, so Helen and David’s daughter decided that it was high time they had some nice photos of themselves!

Little Para Linear Park Couples Shoot

We decided to time the photoshoot so that we made the best use of the spectacular light available just before and during the golden hour whcih allowed for some spectacular golden light to filter through the trees and foliage on display throughout the Little Para Linear Park.

We met at the corner of Riverview Dr and Riverglen Ct which alowed us to go for a bit of a lap of the dry dcreek that meanders through the park, lined with gum trees and tall grass.

Helen and David seemed pretty laid back and keen to make the use of their time in front of my camera, which made things very easy for me! Always laughing, and playing about while we did some rather odd things like traipse through the undergrowth did not phase this fun loving couple – and I feel as though their photos really show this!

Was a great little photo shoot and I hope Helen, David and their daughter enjoy the photos we took!

Mt Compass Engagement Shoot – Claire & Aaron

Mt Compass Engagement Shoot

I had an absolute blast shooting Claire and Aaron’s Mt Compass engagement shoot! I mean take a look at all that golden light that was filtering in through the stunning Australian bushland!

Claire and Aaron are lucky enough to have a friend who owns a farm in Mt Compass – just south of Adelaide that features stunning rolling hills, ponds, rugged bush and some incredible trees. They even made it easy on me and decided to head out for their engagement shoot during golden hour which really made things pretty darn awsome! Turned out to be a stunning shoot!

We began at the top of a hill, which had some huge, gnarly gum trees which we stood under for a few shots to warm up, then walked down the other side to find a stunning little pond enveloped with lush gum trees. There was no wind so the water was still and made for some lovely reflections.

We then head back up the hill and made use of the dying light of the sun filtering in throguh the foliage – which was really beatiful! The hill also overlooked the lovely folling hills that make up the majority of Onkaparinga.

To finish up I broke up one of my last smoke bombs to create a little bit of atmosphere with the sun light filtering in through the smoke.

I had a blast! Looking forward to Claire and Aaron’s wedding at Serafino’s Winery early January now! 😀

Thanks so much Claire and Aaron for having me shoot your Mt COmpass Engagement shoot! Was amazing!

Mt Lofty House Couple’s Shoot – Zoe & Shannon


Mt Lofty House Couple’s Shoot

It was a delightfully sunny day for Zoe and Shannon’s Mt Lofty House Couple’s shoot where we wandered about the grounds of Mt Lofty House and a bit of the nearby Botanic Gardens on the anniversary of when they first met 🙂 It was a lovely tradition it looks like they’ve begun for their anniversary and I was delighted to be a part of it!

The unfortunate thing about the day was that a bit of the grounds of Mt Lofty House was under construction so I couldnt use all of the wonderful gardens and sights available, but we made do as much as we could. The sun was quite intense at times, but it made walking about outside all the more comfortable and certainly not as cold as it can be on top of the hill!

We began outside nearby the vine-encrusted coach house to use the lovely textures the vines and brickwork make, but standing out in the sun diddnt make for the most flattering shadows, so we moved inside to use the library and front door of Mt Lofty House. The house is always a great backdrop for some lovely, classy and moody portraits.

The garden was our next stop, wandering around while I was trying to replicate a couple of shots Zoe had given me as inspiration, before heading off to the upper entrance to the Botanic Park where we finished off.

Thanks go out to Zoe and Shannon for having me capture their love!

Kuitpo Forest Couple Shoot – Bethan & Alex

Bethan and Alex were waiting with baited breath whether or not that recent bout of bad weather in Adelaide was to pass before their scheduled Kuitpo Forest couple shoot. Thankfully, despite the cold temperature, the weather cleared just in time to make use of the spectacular Kuitpo forest for their couple shoot. Bethan and Alex made use of my offer of a discount couple shoot made to all those who voted on my yearly wedding photo of the year contest, and I’m so glad they did. The atmosphere given to the forest after such bad weather made for some fantastic scenes, and it was all done within an hour! My job was made easy of course by the fun loving attitude of Bethan and Alex who were keen to playfully run about in front of the camera to create some ‘loveydovey’ photos. Which was fantastic as I love doing things like this!

Kuitpo forest was the first of many forest plantations in the Mount Lofty Ranges, established in 1898 to ensure a sustainable timber supply for South Australia. Today it serves as both a stunning place to go for a walk, in in this case, a Kuitpo Forest couple shoot and a commercial logging area. The area also plays host to one of the most popular hiking trails throughout SA, being the Heysen Trail.

Kuitpo Forest Couple Shoot