Babys First Year – 4 Stages for Great Professional Photos

Babys First Year

The first twelve months of a child’s life is a bright and exciting time for both the parents and the child. As a parent, you’ll have many opportunities to capture photos of these early stages to cherish for years to come.

While some may opt for having their young children photographed every month, another option that can be more meaningful is to capture special milestones in their growth and development. These different stages during a babys first year can serve as treasured and lasting memories that you and your child (once they’re old enough) can look back on.

Babys First Year Photo Opportunities

To give you a better idea of these stages during babys first year, here are some key moments in your baby’s life when you might like to consider getting their photos taken by a professional:

  1. Newborn: The Sleeping Baby

You’ve probably seen this a lot—a baby sleeping soundly in a basket or wrapped in a blanket with a simple backdrop. These types of photos are usually taken with newborn babies.

If you have a newborn and want to take beautiful snaps of him or her, the sleeping baby pose is an excellent choice. They are ideal for babies who are only days or weeks old because this is when they sleep a lot and can still curl up in a fetal position.

Little ones dont stay this little for very long, and they are absolutely adorable when they are asleep!

  1. At Three Months: The Tummy Time

Once your baby is three months old, their individual personality will start to shine through. This is also when they should ideally be able to prop their head up by themself while laying on their tummy. At this point, they should be spending more time awake and let out the occasional smile—the perfect time to snap a few photos and capture their innocence.

  1. At Six to 10 Months: The Seated Baby

Your baby sitting down on their own is a big milestone during baby’s first year, and you should document this stage as it’s a huge moment in their life. The “seated baby” photograph is best for babies between six to ten months old. The shoots are often styled, and you get to have better photos because this is when the baby frequently smiles and giggles. Additionally, they are very curious at this stage, which makes this photo session a lot of fun.

  1. The First Birthday

The first birthday is one of the significant milestones in your baby’s life, so it definitely calls for a photo session. Photographers can style the session based on your baby’s personality. Usually, you’ll get photos of your baby while they’re playing around, ‘smashing’ their cake, and other adorable moments that only a camera can capture. It;’s also a lot of fun to let them loose with a tin of spaghetti!

Having baby photos professionally taken will give you keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional photographers out there who specialise in baby photos.

Make sure to choose a photographer who you’re comfortable working with and understands your tastes. You also need to ensure that they have proper training to handle your baby during the shoot. Even when you’re there, the photographer must know how to work with babies, especially newborns.

That being said, remember the different stages highlighted above and use them as our inspiration for your babys first year. Feel free to adjust them to your liking, as the memories are for you to cherish!

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