Seppeltsfield Winery Wedding – Tahlia & Alex

Tahlia and Alex’s Seppeltsfield Winery Wedding was an absolute blast to be a part of! Beautiful people, amazing venue and the weather was just sublime to take wedding photos!

Even though Tahlia and Alex has originally planned on holding their wedding in Fiji but due to COVID could not – which I was very much looking forward to as a destination wedding photographer – Their Seppeltsfield Winery Wedding turned out to be absolutely brilliant and I’m so pleased for this couple to have had such a fun filled day!


The day started out by me heading to Alex’s place of preparation at a bed and breakfast in Tanunda. The mood was jovial, with the boys all having a little bit of fun at Alex’s expense, followed up by a delightful drop of liquid courage which they all shared before heading out to meet Tahlia for their first look.

Tahlia and her bridal party were also having a bit of fun with laughter and smiles all over the place. The bed and breakfast that tahlia had chosen for her preparation venue looked to be purpose built for having bridal party photos done, being decorated with rustic affects and painted white throughout, it was a delightful spot to get ready in!

Seppeltsfield Winery Wedding First Look

Tahlia and Alex opted to have what’s known as a ‘first look’ where they actually get together before their wedding ceremony in order to see each other outside the prying eyes of friends and family at their ceremony.

This allows for any nerves that Tahlia and Alex may have been feeling to be dispelled defore their ceremony and can produce some lovely intimate moments that otherwise would not have happened if they were to do the traditional ‘first look’ as Tahlia walks down the aisle.

We also made use of the time just after the first look to have bridal party photos done with the bridal cars around the Seppeltsfield Winery grounds using the delightful trees they have hiding at the back of the grounds.

Seppeltsfield Winery Wedding Ceremony

Tahlia and Alex’s Seppeltsfield Winery Wedding ceremony took place on what’s known as the ‘winemaker’s lawn’ which is an open grassy area surrounded by delightful old buildings with a backdrop of amazing glory vine that covers the majority of the wall behind the bridal party. During the Summer this wall is a vivid bottle green which makes for an amazing backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

What would have to be the star of the show during Tahlia and Alex’s ceremony was their little page boy who would be as cute as a button beaming at everyone as he approached the ceremony holding the wedding bands for Alex!

Glamour Photos

Soon after the ceremony and group phtoos, we then had a little time before heading out to Harvest Kitchen for their wedding reception.

We began by driving out and up the road a little bit to make use of the famed palm trees that line the roads in this part of Seppeltsfield while also ducking in to the vines for a few intimate portraits there.

We then split up with most of the bridal party heading towards the wedding reception while we drove back to Seppeltsfield winery to make more use of the wonderful trees on site for some more glamour photos.

Harvest Kitchen Wedding Reception

The Calabria Family Winery hosted tahlia and Alex’s wedding reception at what they call their Harvest Kitchen restaurant. The reception area boasts an open grassy area suitable for entertaining guests who arrived early, while the restaurant area had penty of room to host a medium sized wedding reception. The tables were moved throughout the night to make room for the dance floor which was put to good use!

The food was absolutely sensational, with share platters and personable chefs to explain exactly what’s been put in front of us and the atmosphere was one which made the entire night super enjoyable!

Thanks so much Tahlia and Alex for having me photograph your big day! Hopefully this amazing Seppeltsfield winery wedding was ample sustitute for your plans in Fiji! It was an absolutely incredible day and I just adored how your photos turned out!

Seppeltsfield Winery Wedding Photos

After Bronwyn & Robert’s wedding ceremony at the Gawler Uniting Church we head off to take some glamour photographs in a variety of locations, including the Gawler gardens around the church, and Seppeltsfield Winery up in Seppeltsfield. We also stopped off in various locations around Seppeltsfield as it’s set in such a beautiful location, surrounded by the Barossa Valley with fantastic palm trees and vineyards.

Gawler Parklands wedding photos

The Gawler parklands within the town of Gawler, north of Adelaide are sprawling and diverse in nature. Gawler was the first country town settled in the state,, and is named after the second Governor of the colony of South Australia, George Gawler. Gawler is about 44km north of Adelaide.

Seppeltsfield Winery Wedding Photos

Seppeltsfield winery boasts a beautifully manicured central garden surrounded by old rustic buildings with wild, luck green forestry nearby and of course the Seppeltsfield winery vineyards. It;s pretty much the perfect location of a wedding photographer such as myself. The Seppeltsfield winery was originally build in 1888 as a Gravity Flow Winery. Established in 1888, the historic building was designed and constructed by Oscar Benno Seppelt, son of Seppeltsfield founders Joseph & Johanna. Built into the hillside on a series of terraces, the visionary winery was the largest and most modern of its type in the world during the late 19th century.

For almost 100 years, the 1888 Gravity Flow cellar served as Seppeltsfield’s chief winemaking facility. Having played an important role in shaping the foundation of Australia’s wine landscape, it was eventually decommissioned in the 1980’s due to the need for significant restoration. The cellar lay dormant for nearly 30 years until it was revived under Warren Randall with the change of Seppeltsfield’s ownership in 2007. A million-dollar investment restored the seppeltsfield winery to a world-class facility for vintage 2010.

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