Veale Gardens Family Shoot – Kennedy Family


Veale Gardens Family Shoot

Erin and Phil were the bridal couple at one of the first ever weddings I covered as a wedding photographer all the way back in 2011, so it’s always nice to see how families are progressing when they ask me to come out again and produce some updated family portraits! I’ve also known Erin and her family since I was very little so it’s doubly nice to reconnect and have a bit of a chat. 🙂

We head out to the lovely Veale Gardens on South terrace in the city early in the morning so that we avoided the majority of walkers and have the gardens to ourselves. The sun is also at a nice height in the sky at this time in the morning so as to avoid most of the harsh shadows that can otherwise creep across faces in an unflattering way.

We began in the carpark behind the Pavillian restaurant and made use of the gum trees behind Veale gardens to create a bit of diversity in the colours of the final photos – as otherewise every photo has the emerald green colours of the curated grass within the gardens. it’s good to have some variety! We then walked up the rolling grassy hills towards the last rock pool, then looped back via the man made river meandering through the space.

As a result, I think The Kennedy’s Veale Gardens Family Shoot produced some lovely keepsake moments and nice family portraits for them to treasure forever more! helps a bunch when the kids are as well behaved as these were! Turned out to be a lovely morning.

Veale Gardens Wedding – Jacqui & Dion

Jacqui and Dion’s Veale Gardens Wedding on South Terrace in the Adelaide CBD was an epic affair, full of fun, dancing, fireworks and lovely people! The COVID Pandemic had unfortunately threw Jacqui and Dion’s plans a little bit but they made very good use of the (then) lesser restrictions in place that allowed for dancing and ‘vertical’ drinking!


Preparation in the morning was a jovial affair with dancing, making alot of nose and plenty of proud parents looking on at their sons and daughters! We were tasked with producing some videography along with the photography for the day so my wife also came along to help out with producing some footage.

I started out the day with Jacqui’s house of preparation to begin the documentation, before heaing over to Dion’s place of preparation while my wife stayed at Jacqui’s house for the dancing and merry making.

Dion and his family were being prepared in a more subdued mannor, with not so much dancing, but still making a bit of noise with the suped up cars they had parked out the front! There were smiles all round as everyone was helping each other get ready by tieing ties and fitting flowers to suits.

Veale Gardens Wedding Ceremony

it was a bit of a running joke with Dion and his family that 2020 kept throwing a few curve balls Jacqui and Dion’s way right up to the beginning of their ceremony! Unfortunately their celebrant had a bit of a family emergency just prior to their wedding so ended up being a little late for the party – but it all worked out in the end! In fact the entire day worked out very well.

Jacqui and Dion’s veale Gardens wedding ceremony was held at rock pool 7, which is perfectly suited for cars to drive in to the nearby carpark for the pavilion restaurant and then walk through the lovely manicured gardens and grass to reach it.

Their ceremony was highlighted by two readings while their wedding rings were held by a member of the family which was a nice way to include as many people as possible.

Veale Gardens Wedding Photos

We did not linger long for Veale Gardens wedding photos, but rather zoomed off for a few after ceremony drinks in a small cocktail bar in Peel St. However i did manage to convince Jacqui and Dion to walk about in the nearby Gums trees for a bit of variety in their wedding photos!

Afternoon tea

In peel st we made use of the older architecture for some more photos before heading into the cocktail bar for a few drinks with family. During what is usually a hectic time of a wedding day, Jacui and Dion opted to take it easy and spend the time with family and friends rather than spending their entire day taking photos – which I totally understand and respect!

JDF Function Center Wedding Reception

The main event – sos to speak was Jacui and Dion’s epic party they had planned at the JDF Reception center in Windsor Gardens. Their reception was decked out with almost everything you could imagine at a wedding party – from my Photobooth to dry ice and indoor fireworks! It certainly was a party to remember, and it was midnight before anyone knew it! The night was just such a blast that the time flew.

Thankyou Jacqui and Dion for having myself and my wife photography and produce the videography for your Veale Gardens wedding day!

Veale & Himeji Gardens Family Shoot


Veale & Himeji Gardens Family Shoot

On a beautiful, sunny day, just prior to the recent CIVID-19 related full lockdown we’ve endured in South Australia, I was asked by Nadia to head out with her family for a bit of a family shoot!

Nadia and her husband were in Adelaide, from Perth and decided to make the most of their time with their family while here, considering the recent troubles in the world, times like this are precious and what better idea is there than to refresh their family portraits?

Himeji Gardens Family Shoot

We began our little family shoot by heading to the lovely, manicured surrounds you can find within the Adelaide Himeji Gardens. Giften to Adelaide by our Japanese sister city, Himeji the gardens provide a stunning backdrop to photography all year round.

And the best thing is that the gardens are free to roam about in, and they cannot be booked as a wedding venue, or for other such private events, meaning they are always available during opening hours.

The lovely light shining through the leaves of the beautiful weeping willows at this time of day are always the biggest drawcard of the Himeji Gardens – they make for the best background for any Himeji gardens family shoot.

Veale Gardens Family Shoot

Whenever I head to south Terrace for a photoshoot, I tend to use both Himeji gardens and Veale Gardens to provide a bit of variety in the colours of the images I provide. Himeji Gardens – at this time of year – is lush and green, and well manicured, while Veale gardens just up the road also provides this, but also a bit of an Australian twist with a small Gum tree forest behind.

This allowsfor a bit more yellow and warmth in photos, while also having different trees in the background.

While walking about we made sure to take photos of both the full family together, and also couples shots, and individual portraits alklowing me to provide a huge amount of photos for Nadia’s family to use in many different ways – hopefully to fill their walls with beautiful physical prints!

I’d like to thank nadia for having me photograph her beautiful family, and I’m super glad she and her husband were able to get back into Perth before the big Adelaide shutdown!

St Laurences Church High Mass Wedding – Alison & Josh

I was priviledged to witness the St Laurences Church High Mass Wedding of Alison and Josh in mid November as their wedding photographer. it was quite the spectical with no less than 3 priests and a multitude of altar boys conducting the very traditional latin high mass at the fore of the stunning church that is St Laurence’s. While the ceremony was wonderful, it was also fantastic to cover the first wedding reception that has been held at the new venue of Tatachilla estate!


I began the day as I usually do at the place where Josh and his groomsmen were being prepared. The morning was quite laid back with some funny moments where someone had given Josh some booklets titled ‘don’ts for weddings, and husbands‘ while also reminicing about other weddings the groomsmen had been a part of.

I arrived at the house were Alison was being prepared just as their make-up was being completed, which is great as I’m then able to flit about taking detail shots of the dress, shoes, etc. The bridal party all had matching kimonos on during the morning, and two little girls were running about causing havok – which was kind of a good thing as it distracted from any nerves Alison may have been feeling. 🙂

St Laurences Church High Mass Wedding Ceremony

As some of you may know, I worked at a Catholic primary school for almost a decade as a Japanese teacher, so I was fairly knowledgeable of the procession of mass, and wedding masses. However, Alison and Josh’s High Mass wedding was something I had yet to witness. The entire procession was quite awe inspiring, with no less than 3 priests and several altar boys conducting the service, all while a 4-strong gregorian chior chanted in the background. The High Mass itself took around 90 minutes to complete, as it followed a strict procession, concluding whith all the guests joining in with communion. The stunning surrounds of St Laurences Church made for a stunning backdrop for the entire ceremony, and it was certainly a ceremony to remember!

Glamour Photos

For glamour photos, we first utilised the wonderful interior of St Laurences, after having the group photo done out the front of the church. We then went for a short drive to South Terrace to Veale Gardens where we made use of the lovely diversity available there. From Australian gum trees out the back, to highly manicured rose gardens, it’s a nice spot to capture a variety of wedding photos. We then head towards Mclaren Vale as a short stop off before heading to Tatachilla Estate for the reception. We usued the wonderful olive tree grove located right off the main street to get a few shots in amongst the trees. Our final spot for glamour photos was the vineyards located out the front of Tatachilla estate. We used the dying light as the sun went down for a few nice shots of just Alison and Josh together amongst the vines.

Tatachilla Estate Wedding Reception

I was told that Alison and Josh’s wedding reception was the first that has been held at the new venue at Tatachilla Estate. Apparently the venue had been recently purchased from the nearby Tatachilla Lutheran School in order to ransform it into a new, large wedding and event venue, and I must say it certainly has potential! It’s a huge space, suitable for gigantic functions, but as it is right now it’s fairly rustic as it had been used as a school camp space for decades.

Alison and Josh’s reception was punctuated by loving speeches, plenty of dancing and scores of people all having a great time!

I’d like to thank Alison and Josh for having me as their wedding photographer, it was a wonderful day and certainly a wedding I’ll not soon forget! 😀

St Patricks Church Wedding – Katie & Stairs

It was super fun to be the wedding photographer at Katie and Stairs’ wedding at Adelaide’s St Patricks Church on Grote st as the entire day was super laid back and simple but still full of fun and laughter all day.

I was asked to be their photographer all day from preparation through to the end of their reception at the Jade pub in the city. We travelled to the South Terrace Veale and Himeji gardens for their glamour photos directly after their ceremony

The day started as it usually does with the preparation of Stairs’ and his entourage at his parents house just outside of the city. Much of the morning was spent placing ribbons on his prized VW wagon before starting to get dressed.

Katie and her bridal party were being prepared in a beautiful house just to the south of the city, complete with stunning atrium and wood work all throughout the house, was an awesome spot for bridal preparation photos! The big surprise of a VW combi was a lot of fun for Katie and everyone there – apparently Stairs had organised the bridal car unbeknownst to anyone else.

<h3>St Patricks Church Wedding Ceremony</h3>
The St Patricks Church on Grote street in Adelaide has been described as one of the most impressive churches in the Archdiocese of Adelaide, having celebrated it’s centenary in 2014, this old church certainly lives up to it’s reputation in grandeur. With it’s tall central ceiling decorated in gold leaf and huge roman columns either side of the congregation pews it certainly make for an impressive view once walking in it’s doors.

Katie and Stair’s modest guest list barely filled the first half of the available seating within the church, but this only made the ceremony that much more intimate while their harpist strummed a delightful melody throughout the ceremony.

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<h3>Glamour Photos</h3>
After the mandatory family photos were finished out the front of St Patricks Church, we head over to the Himeji and Veale gardens on South Terrace to make use of the greenery for their glamour photos. It was very important to take it slow and have fun with the whole bridal party all throughout which made the whole experience super laid back and enjoyable.

<h3>The Jade Wedding Reception</h3>
We arrived at The Jade pub a little late for the reception party, but this really wasn’t much of an issue as one of the only traditional parts of their night was speeches and cutting their cake – the rest was just sitting back and enjoying themselves while surrounded by family and friends – which I think is an awesome way to spend your wedding night!

Thanks so much to Katie and Stairs for having me as your wedding photographer! I hope you enjoy your photos.